Western Air Defense Arrives in Ukraine: Too Little, Too Late

Ukraine’s deteriorating air defenses are a much larger problem than the Western media is admitting.

– Ukraine boasts of receiving NASAM systems from the US;

– NASAMS have inferior spects compared to Ukraine’s dwindling supply of S-300s;

– Western analysts admit that if the West cannot resupply/replace Ukrainian air defense systems, Russia will be able to establish air superiority over the country;

– Western analysts also admit that the West is incapable of resupplying or replacing Ukraine’s air defense systems.


Reuters – Ukraine receives first delivery of NASAMS air defence systems:

Kongsberg – NASAMS Air Defense System:

RUSI – The Russian Air War and Ukrainian Requirements for Air Defence:

RUSI – Funding:

CSIS – Can the United States Do More for Ukrainian Air Defense?:

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