Russian Kherson Withdrawal: Trap? Or Necessary Chess Move?

Russia’s Ministry of Defense has announced the withdrawal of Russian forces from Kherson city to the east bank of the Dnieper River.

This was alluded to 3 weeks ago by General Sergey Surovikin and for the purpose of weathering Ukraine’s all-or-nothing offensive while preserving Russian manpower and equipment.

While Russian forces have successfully defended the city until now, even the slightest possibility of Ukrainian forces overwhelming Russian troops on the wrong side of the river would result in a defeat of historic proportions. Russia has now eliminated that possibility.

Meanwhile, Russian forces continue dismantling Ukraine’s national power grid, its air defense network, and what remains of its overstretched forces.

Ukraine fights for today’s headlines, Russia is fighting to win the long war.


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One thought on “Russian Kherson Withdrawal: Trap? Or Necessary Chess Move?

  • Eddie

    Brian, as usual your report is an excellent rebuttal of the corporate western media and I love listening to your analysis. Please be careful as you know how dangerous the US war machine is.
    I would love to contribute more to your channel but I contribute to several others and as a pensioner I have limited resources.
    Good luck and keep up with the good work.🇨🇮😀


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