FULL INTERVIEW: Kharkov is being defended by Nazis, says Scott Ritter… what next for Ukraine?

FULL INTERVIEW: Kharkov is being defended by Nazis, says Scott Ritter… what next for Ukraine?

2 thoughts on “FULL INTERVIEW: Kharkov is being defended by Nazis, says Scott Ritter… what next for Ukraine?

  • Tom Caine

    I could not agree more with Scott Ritter’s comments. I gave up referring to the Neocons who came to real prominence after 9/11, not long after that tragedy. The terrible events of what took place finally gave the Neocons under the weak lame-duck President George Bush, the opportunity to finally step out of the shadows and show their true colors.
    Anyone who cannot by now see them for what they truly are is either one themselves or just truly ignorant, or they follow the global corporate media thinking that what they are reading or listening to is the truth, which is in fact the exact opposite, they are little more than a propaganda machine controlled from the White House.
    If you contact the American Embassy in your country to try and seek information or to ask awkward questions about what is going on in Ukraine you will find that these embassies have been gagged. You will be given the phone number of the White House and told to call that number. Does the White House not trust its own Embassies? well, I suppose that if you have to maintain total control of the lie, it is probably best that those who are telling it, protect it.
    Winston Churchill once famously stated ‘The truth is so precious it must be protected by a bodyguard of lies, however, to paraphrase, ‘ The truth is so appalling anti-democratic and evil, it needs to be protected by a bodyguard of lies.’ Hence the attempt to completely control the narrative surrounding the illegal U.S. overthrow of a democratically elected leader in 2014, the support of known neo nazi groups, and ultra far-right fascists, who are not only supporting the illegal Velensky government but actually make up part of that government. What decent moral democratic government would incorporate into its national army hard-core nazis, flying nazi inspired flags. This is a government however, that is being heavily armed with the latest state-of-the-art weaponry, by such countries as the U.S. Britain, the E.U, Australia, and many more so-called democracies. I am of the opinion that not only have all these so-called democracies forgotten how to read their moral compasses, I honestly believe that they threw them away in order to participate in the U.S led illegal war on Iraq. Which by the way, has created so much more death and destruction which is still continuing today, by far and away, more than will be the case in Ukraine.
    What ordinary citizens of these so-called democracies need to understand, is that like-minded braindead nazi sympathizers from their own countries are traveling to Ukraine to join and fight alongside such evil infantile people, those people who make up such units such as the Azov battalion and others. Where do they think these people will go once they have been highly trained and even more brainwashed, who will also have had months of combat experience?
    People need to understand that these intellectually challenged people will return home when this U.S. instigated and led war in Ukraine is over, do they honestly believe that the Neo Fascists now running the White House will ever be touched by this turn of events. How many dozens, probably more, will return better organized, funded, and trained, to their countries of origin, with every one of them becoming the focus and rallying point for other creatures of their sorry sick fantasies, these are the people the leaders of our democracies are supplying with weapons and an untold amount of money. But they will not pay the price for their insane stupidity and greed, it will be you, the ordinary decent people of the free world who will pay the price, in blood, money, and the misery that always accompanies the actions of in this case greedy elite fascists.
    From what I understand some of these highly trained nazi fools, have, and are even now returning to their own countries, to give us all, the good news.
    The murdering lunatic who killed so many innocent people in New Zealand, not so long ago, had the insignia of the Azov battalion emblazoned on his backpack. However, for some reason best known only to our own governments, governments who are continually telling us that they want to build a multi-cultural world and that they will not tolerate neo-nazi organizations in their countries, Beggs the obvious question, a question which everyone should make the effort to ask, and keep on asking, ‘Why are you funding and suppling with state of the art weapon systems, a government that is controlled by hardcore nazi, white supremacist lunatics?’
    A rather famous saying, ‘Don’t piss down the back of my neck, and tell me it’s raining.’ This is exactly what those neo-fascists in the White House are doing. Black becomes White, Up becomes Down, Bad becomes good, and so on. No wonder they have muzzled their embassies, and people have to seek information from the White House.
    Perhaps only a neo-fascist knows the truth and only they can explain how insanity has become the new sanity.

  • Tom Caine

    I am afraid that I cannot in all good faith moderate my comments, the truth is what it is. So much information, visual documentation, and the infamous phone conversation between the undersecretary of state, and the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, in which they openly discuss regime change in Ukraine, by which I mean the illegal removal in 2014 of the democratically elected president of that country. This was achieved by using fascist elements, neo-nazis, and old-school nazis as the tools by which to achieve Washington’s goals.
    Moving forward to 2022. The lead-up to the Russian invasion, and what led Vladimir Putin to order the invasion. Given that the majority of Eastern Ukraine is made up of ethnic Russian people who were now under attack by the Ukrainian army, which by then had been ordered by President Velensky to allow neo-nazi, and hard-core nazi militias to be incorporated into the Ukrainian army. It would be reasonable to assume that given the fact that some of these
    nazi militia commanders who were now serving in Velensky’s government had by now become the power behind his Presidency. That in itself would suggest that Velensky is little more than a frontman and that the government of Ukraine is now, to all intent and purpose, a fully-fledged nazi government. The long-term aims and objectives of these nazis are well known to the ethnic Russian population, and it did not take long for the Ukrainian army to move up to the border of the Donbas and start a program of murder and intimidation. Fourteen thousand innocent people’s worth of murder and intimidation took place throughout the region.
    To suggest that Vladimir Putin sent in the Russian army to murder ethnic Russians is not only preposterous, but it’s also infantile. It is already on the public record exactly what the nazi’s objective was, as they have made no secret of their hatred for Russia and the Russian people, the fact that these people are Ukrainian citizens made absolutely no difference at all. Also marked for attention were the minority Roma people, in fact, anyone who isn’t a white pure blood Ukrainian will ultimately suffer.
    The fact that millions of ethnic Russians were now a target of these nazi battalions, who were by now officially part of the Ukrainian army, put Vladimir Putin into an impossible position, one that the machinations of the U.S. government had placed him in. If he did not come to the rescue of these fellow Russians, then he would undoubtedly be condemned by the Russian public, if he moved into the Donbas to protect these innocent people, he would then be condemned by the U.S. government, and their NATO lackeys of invading a peaceful democratic country, but as I have already pointed out, Ukraine was neither a democratic country or peaceful. Its rightful President had been deposed in a nazi led coup, aided by the U.S. government, which makes Velensky’s presidency illegitimate, and by no stretch of the imagination could anyone call Ukraine peaceful not now, or at any time in its recent history.
    Like so many people, I had family members who fought against fascism and the nazi regime, what did they fight for, given that the world’s most powerful democracy has used modern-day nazi militias to overthrow a democratically elected government, and right now as I write, it is, along with its lackey NATO partners, sending state of the art weapon systems and funding to these relics of an evil past.
    To highlight the willful hypocrisy of the EU, and NATO, the German Chancellor has just authorized the shipment of a state-of-the-art missile system to the hard done to Ukrainian nazi
    controlled government. One must, of course, keep in mind that in Germany today it is illegal to own anything or display anything, that represents or replicates the old nazi regime, of the thirties and forties. However, it would appear that the self-same government that outlaws anything to do with nazi ideology within its own country, is quite comfortable in supplying state-of-the-art missile systems to a country that is controlled by nazis. Is it me or is there a really strong stench of hypocrisy manifesting itself throughout the EU, Britain, and the U.S?
    Far from being the bad guy in all of this, Vladimir Putin has proven himself to be a statesman of real standing, in what has been without question a U.S. and British, led, Nato, and EU act of continuous aggression. Had President Putin not moved to save millions of ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine, then I am sure that people such as myself, from all around the world would have lost any respect for him, it is to his credit that not doing what was right is not in that man’s makeup.
    As for the U.S. Britain, and the EU, it would seem that access to resources, and the corporate pursuit of profit, are finally bringing down the curtain on democracy, and any real belief in moral decency. Certainly, the actions of the German Chancellor show a complete lack of any moral compass, as does that of the U.S. President and Britain’s Prime Minister, as well as the leaders of the EU.
    The actions of these governments in the face of irrefutable proof, prove the lies that their controlled media are selling to their people and that in itself tells its own story. The fact that the truth is only being sourced by a small number of enlightened people, should shame those reporters who work for the controlled corporate media, but like most things these days, I suppose that feeling shame, is a thing of the past, an old fashion concept, like loyalty, morality, and honor.
    I think about what my family members went through in the fight against fascists, a fight that their own governments ordered them into, a war of good, against a terrible evil is what they were told. And the long-term damage it caused to my family as the menfolk came back, with not just physical injuries but also psychological damage, and for what? It would appear that the British prime minister, Boris Johnson’s enthusiasm for funding and arming a nazi regime, has made the sacrifices of my family and millions of others a complete waste of time, in fact, he has made a complete mockery of their sacrifices, and that of their families.
    It would seem that real humanity, humanity guided by moral principles, no longer has any value in this twenty-first century of socially engineered political correct greed, maybe the rise of fascism, and nazi elitism, is the next brand of insanity that decent ordinary people are going to have to put up with until we rise up once again and flush it down the toilet of history, where it belongs.


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