How French Neo-Colonialism Destabilized Africa’s Sahel, w/ Hannah Armstrong

Africa’s Sahel region encompasses Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso and Chad and has been an arena of French colonialism, liberation struggles, ongoing imperialist interventions, the war on terror, and coups d’etat.

To discuss this and more Rania Khalek, was joined by Hannah Rae Armstrong, a long-time researcher with years of experience living and working in Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco and then covering the Sahel for the International Crisis Group from her base in Senegal.

Hannah’s latest article in Foreign Affairs:…

1:03 What is the Sahel?
5:12 Causes of destabilization
8:21 Borders
13:14 Impact of regime change in Libya
16:21 Local conflict exacerbated by counterterrorism efforts
20:02 Role of the Gulf countries in Sahel Jihadist groups
28:35 Why is France obsessed w/ the Sahel?
34:57 Impact of French intervention in Mali
41:18 Why so many coups in Mali?
44:32 Why are the French leaving Mali?
50:35 Russian interests in Mali
54:58 Turkey, Israel, Morocco & Algeria in the Sahel
1:00:15 US role in the Sahel

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