#ChauvinTrial​ – Guilty Verdicts Brought to You by the People

A powerful conversation about the Chauvin verdict, the capitalist slave patrol roots of American policing and how it connects to today. AND how capitalism co-opts movements

Chauvin’s guilty verdict is the direct result of a reignited popular uprising.

2:16 Cup Foods in Minneapolis

7:06 Nancy Pelosi…thanks George Floyd?

16:00 Updates on Mumia Abu-Jamal

39:45 Kristian Williams + Monica Johnson on the roots of policing

56:54 Tef Poe + Monica Johnson – How did this verdict come to be?

1:06:10 The importance of political education

1:20:41 The political prisoners of the current uprising

1:23:55 Transparent political candidates

1:26:12 Where is our vision for the future?

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