Minnesota State Officials Emulate Pontias Pilate by Handing over Officer Chauvin

An attorney who is monitoring the trial of officer Chauvin has concluded that Minnesota officials arranged in advance Chauvin’s conviction.  The attorney is not a member of Chauvin’s defense team.  He is monitoring the trial because of his long-standing interest in the systematic destruction in America of a fair trial.  The details follow:

Minneapolis paid a $27 million settlement with George Floyd’s brother in the middle of jury selection for Chauvin’s trial.  In other words, in effect the city officials admitted Chauvin’s guilt prior to the jury’s determination.  One would have expected Minneapolis to hold on to $27 million of taxpayers’ money until the jury rendered a verdict both for the sake of a fair trial and for the city’s budget.

On the eve of the trial, the district court granted the state’s motion to insert the charge of third degree murder in addition to second degree manslaughter against Chauvin.  The consequence of this for Chauvin was made clear yesterday (March 31) when the Minnesota supreme court handed down a decision on third-degree murder while Chauvin’s trial was underway.  My informant explains that the decision has the effect of allowing Minnesota to convict Chauvin of third degree murder without having to prove that Chauvin intended George Floyd’s death.  In effect, the court’s decision negates the objective evidence of the medical examiner’s report that his examination discovered three times the fatal dose of fentanyl in Floyd’s blood and no life-threatening injuries. ( For the medical report see:
https://thealtworld.com/paul_craig_roberts/officer-chauvins-show-trial-will-bring-the-end-of-law-and-order )

The Minnesota supreme court draws a distinction between third degree murder and second-degree negligence manslaughter: “The manslaughter offense requires the State to prove that the person “ ‘causes the death of another . . . by the person’s culpable negligence whereby the person creates an unreasonable risk, and consciously takes chances of causing death or great bodily harm to another.’ ” State v. Back, 775 N.W.2d 866, 869 (Minn. 2009) (quoting Minn. Stat. § 609.205 (2020)).” 

In contrast third-degree murder “requires an eminently dangerous act that supports an inference that the defendant was indifferent to the loss of life that the defendant’s eminently dangerous activity could cause.”  Thus Chauvin can be convicted of third-degree murder because his knee on Floyd’s neck infers “extreme indifference to human life.” This makes clear the purpose of the eye-witness testimony I reported yesterday:

In other words, the inference from knee-on-neck is Chauvin’s “depraved mind” indifference to Floyd’s life.  Second-degree manslaughter carries a 10-year sentence. Third-degree murder carries a 25-year sentence.

It certainly looks like a state organized setup to make certain Chauvin is convicted.  On the very eve of the trial a third degree murder charge is inserted and during the trial the Minnesota supreme court rules that third-degree murder only requires the inference of indifference to human life.

It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that the Minnesota establishment has decided to buy off Antifa and Black Lives Matter with officer Chauvin’s conviction.  In the wake of last year’s George Floyd “peaceful protests,” parts of Lake Street in Minneapolis look like postwar Europe before the Marshall Plan.  

Just as Pontius Pilate is believed to have turned Jesus over to the Jews in order to avoid troubles, it seems the state of Minnesota has decided to turn Chauvin over to Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  We will see whether this cowardly and despicable act quiets trouble or emboldens trouble-makers.

Minnesota State Officials Emulate Pontias Pilate by Handing over Officer Chauvin

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