The Democrats and the Presstitutes Will Not Admit a Trump Win

UPDATED:  The Plot Against the President

If Trump wins the election, unless it is an overwhelming victory that cannot be challenged, the Democrats and the American media will not admit that Trump won.  The plan in place is to blame Trump’s win on fraud and to use the tactics of the “Maidan Revolution” in Ukraine, recently employed again in Belarus, to prevent Trump’s inauguration.

The documentary, The Plot Against the President, explains the “Russiagate” plot by the FBI, the Democrats, and the media to remove President Trump from office. The venality and corruption of FBI Director Comey, the American media, and Democrats, such as Adam Schiff, is scary.  That such an obvious plot against American democracy involving the country’s security agencies and one of the two ruling political parties could go on for three years without a single question by the media proves that the Establishment will not tolerate a non-establishment President or those who support him and that the media dares not cross the Establishment.

The fact that Comey is not in prison testifies to the power of the Deep State.  

Had it not been for US Rep. Devin Nunes of the House Intelligence Committee the coup would have succeeded.  

The coup attempt is not over.  The documentary, which consists of the testimony of members of the House Intelligence Committee, National Security officials, and outside experts, shows that both Democrats, especially Adam Schiff, and the US media simply denied that Independent Prosecutor Mueller and the House Intelligence Committee failed to find any evidence of the Russiagate charges.  Adam Schiff stood before the American media and lied time and time again.  The media knew he was lying and never called him on his lies.  Not even once. The undeniable fact that Russiagate was a three-year hoax, an orchestrated deception to foreclose the Trump agenda, has not been admitted by Democrats or the presstitutes.

In other words, nothing is true unless the media admits it.  And they don’t admit the truth.  The Elite use the presstitutes to control the explanations and to keep the population in a false reality.  As our Founding Fathers said, without a free and independent media, there is no liberty.  The United States does not have a free and independent media.  It has a propaganda ministry for the ruling Elite.

Be sure you comprehend the implications, because you are about to see it again.  If Trump wins the election, the media and the Democrat Party are not going to acknowledge the fact that Trump won–unless Trump’s win is so overwhelming that it cannot be challenged.

In 21st century America, facts are in the way of the power and the agendas of the ruling elites.  Therefore, facts are denied or not reported.  Just consider any major issue of the last two decades.  For example, “Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction.”  The arms inspectors reported that Saddam Hussein had no such weapons, but the George W. Bush regime sent Colin Powell to the UN to deny this fact to the world and to convince the UN of a lie that Washington then used to destroy  several countries and unleash terrorism throughout the Middle East.  The American media turned a blind eye to the lie while ignoring the arms inspectors’ report.

The subsequent 20 years of conflict in the Middle East and North Africa killed millions of innocent Muslims and has sent millions of displaced Muslims to Europe where they have destroyed the quality of European life, even cutting off people’s heads in a French church in Nice and raping Swedish women in public. All of this happened because facts were denied, and the American media completely failed in their responsibility.

In America today, facts are relegated to the realm of “conspiracy theory.”  Anyone who tells a fact is demonized as a “Russian agent,” a “white supremacist,” an anti-semite, or a nut case.

Whether or not American democracy has a future depends on restoring integrity to the media and our public institutions. especially the CIA, NSA, and FBI. America’s future also depends on whether Nunes and Trump, who stood up to the liars, are returned to office by overwhelming vote.  If not, it will be clear that the electorate does not understand, and there is no prospect of the United States ever again having an accountable government.

This documentary is certain to be memory-holed by social media and Google, which serve only the Elite’s agendas.  Watch it and save it while you can.

The Democrats and the Presstitutes Will Not Admit a Trump Win


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