The mainstream narrative of the Syria conflict has imploded

Every day there are new revelations that the “rebels” were in cahoots not only with Al Qaeda but also ISIS & official reports of Assad using chemical weapons were doctored according to the reports’ own authors.

Were you ever skeptical that Assad was authorizing chemical weapons attacks when they were the one thing that put his winning the war at risk?

Authors of the official reports linking him to chemical weapons usage have now supplied evidence that their own reports were doctored.

When I was interviewed about Syria’s military using chemical weapons, I expressed skepticism Assad bucked the political science literature by engaging in the one conduct that would reverse his hard-fought victory.

But the media would excise me & the research from their stories.

The #1 story should be that authors of the official reports linking Assad to WMD usage have supplied evidence that they were doctored in defiance of the scientific evidence & exploited to push regime change in Damascus, which risked creating the Islamic State & war with Russia.

Until you get how you were duped into supporting regime change in #Syria you’ll get duped into supporting other costly ventures to the local population, international stability & our counterterrorism efforts.

The story of doctored WMD reports & Al Qaeda-led rebels must be told.

What happened in #Syria is the American political establishment decided that the ends justify the means. Truth did not matter at all. We were told Assad must go based on WMD reports their own authors say were doctored to support “rebels” who were Al-Qaeda-led & helping ISIS.

Watch this interview & determine yourself whether you find trustworthy the official report linking Assad to the chlorine attack which was sold in the media as casus belli for toppling Assad & has now been exposed by the fact-finders themselves as doctored.

If you think politicians, think tanks & media got a lot wrong in the Iraq war wait until you hear about the Syria war.

If you cheered for another regime change war then it doesn’t matter whether the casus belli lacks evidence. The media is unmoved that multiple scientists who made up the official investigation doubt that the Syrian military was behind the attacks or the use of chlorine at all.


One thought on “The mainstream narrative of the Syria conflict has imploded

  • Biswapriya Purkayastha

    Unfortunately, the people responsible have a vested interest in pretending that no such revelation ever happened, so don’t hold your breath waiting for the ignorami in the west to wake up.


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