Netanyahu seeks peace with KSA- MES EP.189

Through the official Saudi Al-Arabiya channel, the Zionist Prime Minister-designate, Benjamin Netanyahu, appeared, speaking about the upcoming normalization between the Kingdom and the Zionist entity.

There is no embarrassment anymore in the appearance of Zionist personalities on Saudi channels, despite the series of lies that those in power in Saudi Arabia stressing that there is no legalizing relations with the occupation so far.

To discuss this issue with us from The Occupied West Bank, Dr. Amal Wahdan Human Rights Advocate.

After the recent electoral victory of Zionist Israeli PM-elect Benjamin Netanyahu, along with other right-wing Israeli politicians, his first foreign policy move was towards the conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia which houses Mecca, the holiest place for Muslims.

Netanyahu’s first time on an Arab TV Channel was used and abused to push the kingdom into accepting what Netanyahu deemed “a quantum leap for peace”. Will MBS take that leap and join the Abraham Accord without securing any gains for the Palestinians?

To discuss this issue with us from Beirut is Ali Mourad journalist at Al Akhbar news daily, political commentator and researcher.

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