Israeli Spies in Lebanon–MES EP.188

170 Israeli networks are “under investigation”, out of thousands estimated by Lebanese security agencies to include more than 10,000 spies on Lebanese soil, after Israel monitored more than a million CVs submitted by Lebanese “online” during the past three years, under the weight of dire need for “fresh dollar” payments.

The economic collapse in Lebanon has taken its toll on the country in many ways, but it seems that it’s not the only reason for treason in the Middle Eastern country. Several collaborators admitted that they continued their collaboration with the Mossad out of sheer opposition to the Lebanese resistance.

To discuss this issue with us from Beirut is Hasan Hijazi, expert in Zionist affairs and political commentator.

The closer the future Israeli government is to seeing the light, the higher the level of terrorism and criminality is becoming in the occupied Palestinian territories, which would clearly outline the features of the new phase that the Palestinians are embarking on filled with grim and dangerous challenges.

Despite the weight of the massacre committed by the enemy last week in the Jenin camp, which caused grief and anger throughout Palestine, the resistance’s insistence on clashing with the occupation, and the state of popular support it enjoys, especially in the West Bank, indicate that the coming Israeli “breaking waves” aggression might not do more than what the first “breaking waves” had already done.

To discuss this issue with us from Jenin camp is Mohamad Jradat political commentator and author.

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