Stolen by Aliens! USS Abraham Lincoln Disappears (an Intel Drop)

The Japs are now going to be fronting for Iran, so is Imran Khan of Pakistan and Iraq as well.  Iran has nothing but friends since the USS Abraham Lincoln, the carrier Benjamin Netanyahu ordered into the Persian Gulf…disappeared the carrier that nobody can find.

A thousand Playstations silenced.  Some of the best videogamers served on the Abraham Lincoln, now joining the WW2 Japanese battleship, Yamato, fighting the Comet Empire somewhere in another galaxy.  We can only hope.


Where is the USS Abraham Lincoln.  Tom Henegan says aliens took it, we think he is right.

Stew Webb says it is in the basement of a Walmart Store in Nebraska.

InfoWars says it is sailing up the Mississippi, loaded with Russian troops planning on assaulting Minneapolis.

We think the Pentagon told Trump to go screw himself, but what do we know.  We get chatter out of the Pentagon all day long and long ago learned to pay no attention at all.  Hell, you can even hit the Pentagon with a missile and explosives and they still do nothing.

What was it Hackworth called them, “the perfumed princes of the Pentagon?”

What we can tell you is this.  “We” just advised President Assad to speak to Trump and we think the call has been made.  Expect us to be circumspect here.

Assad has just seated a reform commission to get rid of the Baathists who have been robbing Syria blind for decades.  VT knows Syria better than anyone and only Assad can save Syria.

The US needs to step in now, in the right way, working with Iraq, not Saudi Arabia and Israel.  We call it “foreign policy” or “diplomacy.”

Now Trump loves Iran.  If they actually get nukes, he will love them more, call the nukes “small weapons” as he does with North Korea.  Americans are such chumps.

This was all so predictable.

We go after Iran, we have no army left.  Our navy is useless.  Iran isn’t afraid of retaliation, they will sink our carriers, obliterate all US bases in the Middle East, every one of them is in range of their overwhelming missile capability.

All of this so that Netanyahu doesn’t have to go to jail for stealing a few billion dollars and turning Israel over to the mob.

And so it goes…

Stolen by Aliens! USS Abraham Lincoln Disappears (an Intel Drop)

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