Intel Drop: A note from the Senior Editor on CV19

VT is following the story, presenting hard medical advice, gleaning through the conspiracies and negotiating a mass of censorship and disinformation.

We are now heading into new ground, this will be what I feel is true and can’t prove based on “gut.”

I believe CV originated here and not China.  I don’t care if it came from a lab or not, this isn’t important to those reading this.  I do believe many millions of Americans are infected and believe they have colds and the flu.

It is very possible that much, not 99% but maybe 99% of CV19 is psyop.

If you are in good health normally, a non-smoker (smoking is a huge negative factor for CV19!!!!!!!!!!) but unwell:

  • Don’t panic!!
  • Do the hand washing thing, hands, face and mouth area and avoid infecting others.
  • Remember, this is if you are simply unwell are pretty sure you aren’t dying of CV19 and don’t want to get tested…
  • Figure it MAY be possible that you might have it and that “it’ may just be another illness like many others you have had before.  Most of all…DON’T PANIC.
  • Ibuprofen for headache and fever, liquids, much sleep and see if you stabilize or get better.
  • If you have obvious fever, severe headache and trouble breathing, seek aid without fail.  Pneumonia lowers oxygen to tissues, lowers cognitive ability (can turn you into a Trump voter) and spiral you into serious illness.
  • The more risk factors you have, the more careful you need to be.  Don’t pay any attention whatsoever to talk about age or well managed diabetes.  These are NOT genuine factors.
  • Compromised breathing is a very real factor.
  • STRESS such as stress from watching too much news and bullshit is a very big factor.

Here is where I am coming from, first of all, I don’t have a medical license and can only make suggestions which cannot be relied upon as medical advice.  You want to invade a country, call me, I have that “license,” but not one to treat illness.

I am saying…assume we are all being lied to and that the disease has been out there, that you might have it if you have a minor cough, headache and other symptoms.  Assume, as some are saying before being silenced, that many many people may have this and glide right through it.

Also remember that any illness, particularly one that can cause pneumonia, and many can, can kill those with health vulnerabilities.

The biggest thing is to NOT let this control what you think or what you do beyond common sense things like crazy hand washing.  I am only voicing suspicions from someone very very qualified to ascertain bullshit from reality.

At some point we may all have to say “enough.” What if Trump is right?  You know, this is basically what he has been saying too.

You see, too many people out there with political agenda’s, political and economic, are playing this up for their own gain.  Never before have we had as much bad information and, sadly, such poor leadership in Washington as well.

If Trump has been right the problem is that he isn’t Barak Obama, who did his job, kept his mouth shut but when he talked, we could generally believe him.

Trump burned those bridges….a huge mistake.

Intel Drop: A note from the Senior Editor on CV19

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