To-Do List



Roar at sky

Get cat food

Get Pentagon de-funded

Win imaginary argument with God

Lose actual argument with God

Write some blog or something

Call parents

Find way to ruin Mike Pompeo’s day

Do dishes

Burn motherfucker to ground

Discover new ways I’ve been fooling myself

Discover new ways I’ve been limiting myself

Discover new ways I haven’t been loving myself

Vomit up primordial delusion-based conditioning

Become big pimpin’ billionaire poet

Get rid of this annoying film over my perception which inhibits my ability to fully see things as the thunderously beautiful miracles I know they are in each and every moment and be constantly floored by pleasure and gratitude

Clean bathroom

Kill patriarchy

Create healthy world for my kids



Let in pleasure

Create culture

Sing loudly

Listen deeply

Love bravely

Be impaled by presence

Be electrified by ordinariness

Be immolated by aliveness

Do something about fly screen



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