Israel Propaganda Vs Palestine Propaganda

Listen to a reading of this article (reading by Tim Foley):

Israel propaganda looks like a music video featuring children singing “we will annihilate everyone” in Gaza.

Palestine propaganda looks like an endless stream of raw video footage featuring children whose bodies have been ripped apart by Israeli military explosives.

Israel propaganda looks like a music video of Israeli women doing yoga on top of images of the Israeli hostages in Gaza.

Palestine propaganda looks like satellite images of entire neighborhoods that have been bombed into rubble by Israeli forces.

Israel propaganda looks like the Israeli president waving around an Arabic translation of Mein Kampf and claiming it was found in a child’s room in Gaza.

Palestine propaganda looks like all the top western and Israeli human rights institutions declaring that Israel is an apartheid state.

Israel propaganda looks like posting cutesy pictures of female IDF troops and saying “when you’re mean to Israel this is who you’re being mean to”.

Palestine propaganda looks like statistics showing that Israel is mostly killing women and children in Gaza.

Israel propaganda looks like Israel releasing what it claims are audio clips of intercepted Hamas communications in an effort to exonerate itself from accusations of war crimes, after claiming that its intelligence services had no idea what Hamas was up to prior to October 7.

Palestine propaganda looks like a UN special rapporteur explaining that it is inherently illegal under international law for Israel to be bombing Gaza at all.

Israel propaganda looks like the IDF publishing a computer-generated video of a multi-level Hamas command headquarters underneath Al-Shifa Hospital.

Palestine propaganda looks like humanitarian organizations saying Israel has been bombing hospitals throughout Gaza and shooting patients through hospital windows.

Israel propaganda looks like an IDF soldier pointing to a normal calendar with the days of the week in Arabic at Al-Shifa Hospital and falsely claiming it was a shift schedule for Hamas kidnappers.

Palestine propaganda looks like social media accounts dedicating themselves to keeping a running tally of the thousands of children who are being killed by Israel.

Israel propaganda looks like the Israeli government sharing a bogus video of a woman falsely posing as an Al-Shifa Hospital nurse condemning Hamas for their presence there.

Palestine propaganda looks like Palestinian journalists working tirelessly to document Israel’s mass atrocities in Gaza while being murdered one by one by the Israeli war machine.

Israel propaganda looks like the Israeli government repeatedly posting things on social media that it then has to delete after people highlight the falsehoods and/or accidental confessions that they contain.

Palestine propaganda looks like Palestinians recording the suffering, displacement, death and dismemberment of their fellow Palestinians in real time.

Israel propaganda looks like screaming at people who oppose the ongoing massacres in Gaza, and accusing anyone who criticizes Israel’s actions of being an anti-semite and a terrorism supporter.

Palestine propaganda looks like saying true things and sharing factual evidence.

It’s not hard to see who’s in the wrong here.

One thought on “Israel Propaganda Vs Palestine Propaganda

  • Justina Oska

    Both spread propaganda – there is no one who is right here – both are wrong here


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