The temporary occupation erroneously thinks banning Al Mayadeen would emerge victorious

“Israel’s” perilous measure against Al Mayadeen reveals that not only has it been defeated by the righteous Resistance on the ground, but it has also lost its typical narrative-based dominance.

The hostile banning of Al Mayadeen in the Palestinian lands by the colonial occupation entity demonstrates that this independent platform has outstandingly succeeded in its counter-hegemony approach and has disseminated its unflinching support for the Palestinian righteous cause across the entire world.

Unlike other platforms, Al Mayadeen has dared to expose how the illegitimate colonial regime exists in the belief that it is indestructible, and so it believed that Gaza would be easy prey to its terrorism. It never once thought that Gaza has an ancient history that stretches millennia. Gaza – the colonial regime must have learned – was never once conquered nor defeated. This has been Al Mayadeen’s narrative.

Unequivocally, the colonial occupation regime is hell-bent on outright confrontation even when it comes to independent media outlets. Its imperialist project is based on disinformation, deception, and covering up the truth as it has always displayed the indigenous Palestinian habitants as “terrorists”. Hence, its perilous measure against Al Mayadeen reveals that not only has it been defeated by the righteous Resistance on the ground, but it has also lost its typical narrative-based dominance.

Besides, this hostile step has debunked the true nature of the so-called advocates of democratic empowerment, human rights, and territorial integrity, as it has exposed their false alleged mottoes. Those hypocrites are audaciously quite selective when it comes to exercising the freedom of expression in West Asia, especially in Palestine. They go bonkers and even impose brutal sanctions if a ‘rival’ state allegedly imprisons a journalist or sanctions a media outlet, yet they deliberately turn deaf ears and blind eyes when the Zionist occupation bombs media offices in Gaza, murder media personnel, and censor independent outlets showing the other sides of the story, the ones that don’t comply with their hegemonic imperialist policies.

Unfortunately, too much innocent blood was spilled in Gaza for the truth not to stay hidden any longer. How many states have fallen to systematic murder without anyone saying one single word beyond a whisper of condemnation?

The only reason Western nations are now somewhat denouncing the slaughter of Palestinians is to argue the likes of Al Mayadeen’s relentless efforts. Were it not for these relentless efforts, the Gaza genocide would still be ignored. As far as indifference goes, these nations have become accustomed to barbaric bloodshed.

It might sound harsh, but it is the bitter undeniable truth that, unfortunately, Western powers have generally built society in such a manner that their citizens stand completely disconnected from the truth and justice. So as long as oppression is not directed at their own geography, they do not care.

Al Mayadeen has during the past years awakened these nations not to forget that their taxes have financed these ethnic cleansing atrocities in Gaza, that their weapons and experts have helped murder innocent Palestinians, and that their hypocritical governments – which claim to abide by so-called international law – have illegally established the Zionist colonial system excellently anchored in murder and mastering terrorism.

Side-splittingly, this hostile move is the colonial entity’s very way of telling their colonial settlers that they are not free to choose their sources of information, whatsoever. Ultimately, it is doomed to failure as alternative media would keep exposing the truth about the prolonged cruelty of the Israeli colonial regime against the Palestinians.

It is a pity that the international community has stood by the colonial entity’s war crimes and crimes against humanity. What is currently happening in Gaza is an affront to our humanity; nevertheless, Al Mayadeen has rejected to shamefully sing in chorus with the mainstream media-desired discourse. Currently, many nations across the globe follow Al Mayadeen because they’re not satisfied with the mainstream corporate-owned media that functions largely as an eco-chamber for the US hegemonic policies.

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