The Moral Conscience of the Western World Has Been Silenced

Former British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn “was undone” by being accused of antisemitism.  Ask yourself why anyone should be ruined by such a meaningless accusation.

To be an anti-semite all you have to do is to make a criticism, no matter how small or how legitimate, of any Israeli policy.  If your moral conscience is assaulted by, for example, Israel’s massacre of Palestinians in the open air concentration camp in which Israel keeps them pinned up, and you express your legitimate feelings against such inhumanity, you are an anti-semite.  By definition, anyone with a moral conscience is an anti-semite.  

This is something of which to be proud, so why does it ruin you?

Why did the US Congress censor the one member who spoke against, instead of in favor of, the massacre?

Why have the governments of France, Germany, and the UK banned as anti-semitic demonstrations against Israel’s ongoing genocide of Palestinians and theft of their country?

Why did US law firms and corporations collect the names of university students who protested against the slaughter and blacklist them from employment simply because they have a moral conscience?

Now ask yourself, how did Zionists achieve such power over the entirely of the Western world as to place Israel and Jews off limits for criticism no matter their behavior?

Of all the peoples of Earth, Israelis alone can do whatever they please and no one is allowed to say one word against it.

Why does every Western government submit to such humiliation? 

Why do they consent to having their voice and their moral conscience silenced? 

Why does the Western world cower in fear of being called anti-semite?

The Biden Regime is so terrified of Israel that it will even sacrifice America’s reputation for Israel:

100 State Dept Officials Sign Dissent Memo Saying Biden “Complicit In Genocide” In Gaza

The State Dept memo bluntly asserts that the United States is supporting Israeli “war crimes”.

Will 100 with a conscience be declared anti-semites and forced to resign? 

The Moral Conscience of the Western World Has Been Silenced

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