Amazing how gullible Russian media is about reporting US disinformation

A fake news story planted two days ago, more than a month after Hamas’ attack, on the Washington Post is another building block of the narrative that supports the removal of Gazans to the Sinai Desert. According to the Washington Post, unidentified “intelligence officials” told the Post that Hamas’ intended its October 7 attack to penetrate much deeper into Israel and that the Hamas soldiers were ordered to “kill as many people and take as many hostages as possible.” According to the”intelligence officials” Hamas intended “to strike a blow of historic proportions” including assaults on “major Israeli cities and military bases.”

Remember, the narrative is that Israel was caught off guard and had no warning of the attack. Yet the Washington Post reports that intelligence officials said Hamas had been preparing for the assault for more than a year. If intelligence agencies knew this, why didn’t they tell Israel?

Clearly, with the world coming out against Israel and even CNN and the BBC reporting the Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians, the purpose of this fake news report is to present Hamas as a much greater threat to Israel than it is. In other words, Hamas is such a great threat that Israel is justified in driving Palestinians out of Gaza and the West Bank.

Why did RT contribute to the success of US/Israeli propaganda by picking up and spreading the fake news?

Propaganda can have unintended results. Twelve days after the October 7 Hamas attack, the Jerusalem Post ran a story that the Hamas soldiers took drugs to enable them to commit their heinous acts with a sense of indifference. This story is intended to dramatize Hamas’ inhumanness, but the unintended consequence is to make Hamas look good by comparison as Israeli soldiers don’t need to take drugs in order to carry out their heinous attacks on Palestinians.

Amazing how gullible Russian media is about reporting US disinformation

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