“CHINA BAD”, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

The planet is ruled by a tyrannical oligarchy which uses governments as weapons to destroy disobedient nations while churning out news stories about how those nations needed to be destroyed because they were tyrannical and undemocratic.

The British royal family are murderous imperialists living on stolen wealth and dressing up like ridiculous Dungeons & Dragons characters and they deserve nothing but scorn, mockery and rejection throughout the entire world.

Saying Trump wanted to end the wars but the military industrial complex wouldn’t let him is the same as saying nothing.

When Bernie Sanders promoted the idea of shrinking the insanely bloated US military budget by a paltry ten percent, he was met with a solid steel wall of opposition. When presidents want to increase that budget, they are told “Yes sir, anything you say sir, we’ve got the papers all drawn up already.”

A political establishment which thinks it’s crazy and extremist to reduce a massive military budget by ten percent, and that it’s sane and moderate to increase it, is a crazy and extremist political establishment.

It’s crazy how I still get people telling me I write too much about US aggressions against China even as the Biden administration is openly admitting that it is increasing America’s insanely bloated military budget in order to deal with China.

My American husband had a layover in Beijing years ago and was surprised to see so many perfectly happy people, laughing and clowning around like anyone else. He hadn’t even realized he’d been propagandized into expecting joyless conformity until he noticed his own surprise.

The west has been propagandized about China for a long, long time. The propaganda initiatives being launched right now are so successful because they’ve got many decades of earlier propaganda acting as a primer. It’s so pervasive you don’t even know it’s been there all along.

China is “just as bad” as the nation that’s constantly bombing and destroying other countries? Sure, why not. All things are the same as all other things. Turning left is the same as turning right. Drinking water is the same as drinking bleach. That’s how we all live our lives.

I will criticize the escalating US aggressions against China. I will not include a “BUT CHINA ALSO BAD BAD BAD” disclaimer when I do this. If this bothers you, it’s because propaganda has conditioned you to expect any criticism of US warmongering to use mitigated language.

There is no shortage of westerners saying “CHINA BAD BAD BAD” if you want to read that. If you need to hear about how China is bad, go turn on a fucking television or something.

When the empire wants to topple a government their first step is to psychologically uncouple it from the nation and its people by consistently using labels that make it look like an alien, occupying force to the public. “The CCP”, “the Assad regime”, instead of just that country’s government.

This is why you now hear so many indoctrinated automatons constantly bleating the mantra “I don’t hate the Chinese people, I hate the CCP!” They’ve been trained to uncouple the nation’s people from its government, despite the overwhelming support they have for their government.

This is all the alien-sounding word “regime” exists to do: to uncouple a government from its nation and its people in the eyes of the world. And the mainstream press is happy to do this, because the mainstream press is propaganda.

Propaganda is damaging not just because of the destructive and oppressive agendas it advances, but in and of itself. How can we address important issues while being blasted in the face all day with distracting nonsense about Russia and China? Stop meddling in our minds, assholes.

Unipolar hegemony never existed until three decades ago, but whenever you talk about the need to end the US empire’s iron-fisted domination of our entire planet people go “But who would take its place?”, as though there’s always been a unipolar hegemon. Like there has to be one.

There is nothing inscribed upon the fabric of reality that declares there needs to be a planetary unipolar dominator, and there’s no real evidence that China or Russia are trying to become one. All evidence says they want a multipolar world, which was the norm until 30 years ago.

There’s no real reason we need to be subjected to governments flirting with nuclear war in the name of unipolar hegemony. There’s no legitimate reason we can’t all just get along and collaborate with each other toward a better world. Our current world order is not sane.

Internet porn is making men worse at sex. At least before Pornhub men had some humility about how bad they might be and there was a chance they might listen, learn and be led. Now they are bad but full of hubris about what they think they know, and very defensive about it.

Hint: if your partner says she doesn’t mind not having clit orgasms, it’s not because she doesn’t like clit orgasms. You’re inept and you’re scary when you feel inadequate so it’s just easier to let it go. Confronting her with this will just scare her more. Get humble and learn.

Most modern mainstream media jobs pay dick, and you don’t get to do real journalism, only propaganda narrative management. All you get is a cool-sounding “I’m a journalist!” story that you can tell other people. The narrative managers now get paid in narrative. There’s some beautiful karma in that.

“CHINA BAD”, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

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