Washington Preps Taiwan to be Asia’s “Ukraine”

Washington’s Shifting Taiwan Policy Aims for an Asian “Ukraine”

1. Taiwan is to China as Ukraine is to Russia, in other words the US seeks to wage a proxy conflict through the breakaway island province in the same way the US is waging war with Russia through Ukrainian forces;

2. Just as US training and arms sales to Ukraine has done absolutely nothing to “repel” Russia, US training and arms to Taiwan will not only not “repel” any military operation to reintegrate Taiwan fully, it will most likely only accelerate provocations toward such a military operation; Washington’s goal in both Ukraine and Taiwan is not to preserve the regimes administering either territory, but to create and use conflicts involving both territories as justification for isolating Russia and China;

3. The Western arms industry obviously is benefiting to the tune of billions regarding arms sales to not only to Ukraine and Taiwan, but also to nations as part of “preparing” for wider conflict between Europe and Russia as well as Indo-Pacific nations and China;

4. In both cases it is clear that the US is not underwriting security for either Ukraine or Taiwan as well as the regions both territories reside in, and instead, is the greatest threat to both regions and wider global peace, stability, and prosperity.


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