Hidden Protest Violence in Myanmar

The Western media is once again relying on “activists say” journalism – telling only one side of the story, and the side of the story being funded and backed by the US government and its allies.

One-sided reporting means that protester violence is being covered up and only the military and police’s reaction is being reported on.

These protesters, however, are the very same mobs that had been storming Rohingya communities, killing locals, and burning homes and businesses to the ground. They most certainly didn’t become “peaceful” for this most recent protest, and evidence of their violence is already slowly leaking out.


BBC – Myanmar coup: Deadliest day of protests as police open fire:

Burma Campaign UK – Assistance Association for Political Prisoners Report:

US National Endowment for Democracy – Burma (2020):

Radio Free Asia (USG-funded) – One Rohingya dead, six injured in attack by Buddhist mob in Myanmar’s Rakhine:

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