China Is Saving The World From COVID-19

The People’s Republic is dedicated to win-win exchanges in order to ultimately build a Community of Common Destiny, and its selfless assistance to the rest of the world proves is sincerity to those noble ideals without any doubt.

It’s admittedly a dramatic statement to make, but China is saving the world from COVID-19. The People’s Republic already proved that it’s possible to survive the viral outbreak so long as the proper preventive actions are undertaken, thus providing a sense of direction for everyone else to follow, which they have. Both involuntary and voluntary quarantines are now the new normal all across the world, after having first been implemented in China, but that’s far from all.

The People’s Liberation Army took the lead in ensuring the reliable supply of goods to the Chinese people, which is yet another method that’s being applied all across the world by other countries’ armed forces as well. On top of that, community leaders in China worked closely with the authorities in order to manage their neighborhoods and apartment blocs, both in identifying possible infections and in organizing brief forays out into the public to buy goods and basic products. Because of its effectiveness, others are now doing this too.

China understands its responsibility to the rest of the world as a global leader, and that’s why it’s dedicated itself to helping everyone else who requests its assistance. As important examples of this, the country is dispatching medical aid in the form doctors, masks, and other supplies to Serbia and Italy, among others. In addition, while the US continues to sanction states such as Iran, Syria, and Venezuela, China continues to cooperate with them, which is saving countless lives in these emergency circumstances.

As the rest of the world shuts down, China is gradually reopening after it finally got the outbreak under control. What this means in terms of the global context is that “the world’s factory”, as China is fondly called by many, will inevitably become indispensable for everyone else’s eventual recovery. While they’ll have a hard time getting everything back to normal, China will already be operating at a comparatively better level, thus enabling the country to provide the basic goods and other supplies that everyone else will so desperately need.

With this in mind, it’s relevant to remember the worldwide Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), which will prospectively become the platform upon which most of the global recovery will occur. BRI isn’t just about trade, but also investment, and as even some of the most developed economies such as those in the US and Europe quickly run through their reserves and enter into unprecedented crises, China will have comparatively more funds available to provide others with in order to facilitate their recovery.

Many countries, and most intriguingly even those in Europe which previously pledged their commitment to multilateralism, are instinctively reverting to self-interested zero-sum policies that secure their own interests at others’ expense, which is the complete opposite of the Chinese approach. The People’s Republic is dedicated to win-win exchanges in order to ultimately build a Community of Common Destiny, and its selfless assistance to the rest of the world proves is sincerity to those noble ideals without any doubt.

Growing awareness of the leading role that China is poised to play in the eventual global recovery might have been what triggered the US into nastily intensifying its ongoing information warfare against the country by deceptively referring to COVID-19 as the so-called “Chinese virus” or other similar variations of that neologism designed to blame Beijing for this pandemic. Viruses have no nationalities, but misleading panicked and thus hyper-impressionable people into thinking otherwise is designed to undercut China’s soft power.

Not only is that tactic immoral, but it’s also dangerous since some countries that desperately need China’s assistance might decide not to request it because their leaders fell for the US’ information warfare narrative that Beijing was responsible for COVID-19. Thankfully, though, people across the world can see that China is recovering and behaving as the responsible global leader that it is, so it’s unlikely that the US’ tactics will have much impact. Try as it might, the US won’t succeed in stopping China from saving the world from COVID-19.

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