“U.S. used all means to try to weaken, divide Iran”

Tim Anderson says it is very well known by now that various US administrations have done all they could to attempt to weaken and divide Iran.

Iran slams Biden’s support for riots as intervention in state matters

Iran’s Foreign Ministry reacting to comments by the US president over the wave of riots in the country, calling them meddlesome.

The ministry’s spokesman says Joe Biden is supporting rioters in the tradition of U-S officials, a move he’s described as fishing in troubled waters. Nasser Kan’ani says Biden is frustrated by years of futile action against Iran, adding that his interventions and expressions of surprise won’t weaken the country’s resolve. Biden has called the Iranian government oppressive, expressing surprise at, using his own words, the courage of people and women taking to the streets. Kan’ani also stressed that Iran is also strong enough not to give in to brutal sanctions and hollow threats. He said Iranians will stand up for their independence, and join together to heal wounds, inflicting another defeat on Washington.

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