The Goal of the Ukraine Conflict is to Economically Collapse Europe

French intellectual Thierry Meyssan discusses Ukraine and the end of the unipolar moment. Since the collapse of the USSR, Washington has tried to prevent any power from challenging it, including the European Union. The EU is a good market but must never become a political power. The Ukraine conflict is being used to pauperize and economically collapse Europe, which will happen. Russia is militarily stronger than the U.S. For over a decade there has been a growing movement of Nazism or Banderism in Ukraine which now makes up one-third of the armed forces.

He explains why false flag operations are so successful and that perhaps next time such an operation will be used against Russia or China or anyone and everyone! He lived in Libya and Syria and worked with both governments and explains how the Pentagon uses Daesh as its private army and is doing the same with the Neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

He doesn’t think the U.S. will go to war with Russia or China as they are too formidable, and that rather, they are at war against the Europeans as Washington wants to be the empire for Europe. They will continue false flag attacks against their own allies. He discusses the oligarchic system in the U.S. and the Straussian neocons. The world is dividing in two blocs which will no longer communicate with each other, and the West is the smaller bloc.


Geopolitics & Empire: Geopolitics and Empire is joined by French intellectual and author Thierry Meyssan, who is the founder of Voltaire Network International, a web of non-aligned press groups dedicated to analysis of international relations. His books include, 9/11: the Big Lie, and Before Our Very Eyes: Fake Wars and Big Lies from 9/11 to Donald Trump. Thank you for joining me, Thierry.

Thierry Meyssan: Hello.

Geopolitics & Empire: I’ve been a huge fan of your website, Voltaire Network. I have been reading it for more than 10 years. Some of my dissident professors told me if you want to have a better understanding of the world, you need to read a Voltaire Global Research, Executive Intelligence Review, and other such websites.

And I’ve been a huge fan of your work. And I wanted to get your thoughts on what’s happening in the world today. I believe you have said that the current crisis in Ukraine was instigated by Washington and Kiev, and that’s something I tend to believe, and that their goal is to remove Russia from the international scene, that they are trying to wipe out all traces of Russian culture in the West.

And secondly, they’re trying to weaken the European Union. And interestingly, this week, President Putin said, “What’s going on today is the demolition of the unipolar world system that was created after the collapse of the Soviet Union.” Can you give us your thoughts, your analysis on how you see what’s happening in Ukraine and if you think this is the end of the unipolar moment, and what does all of this mean?

Thierry Meyssan: You will have a totally different vision of conflict if you think this conflict only since two months or if you’ve observed the world since 30 years. If you see the world since 30 years, you see how the U.S. try to impose this unipolar system and how much conflict they have created, how much people they have killed everywhere in the world. If you see only since two week to two months, you will say, “Oh, but if there is some problem for the Russian in Ukraine, why they don’t go to United Nations?” You will not understand really what happened.

In fact, since the collapse of Soviet Union, the U.S. try to prevent any other power to challenge them. So, at that time Russia was nothing. It was totally collapsing. And the first idea of its people was to stop the European Union. They think European Union is a great market, but must never become a political power.

So, what happened now is the direct consequence of this way of thinking. You see the armored conflict in Ukraine, but the reaction to this conflict is not against Russia, it is against for Europeans. They use this conflict to popularize, to create an economic collapse in Europe.

And you will see, it will arrive. It will arrive. Of course, if you want to attack the Russia, it’s not possible. Because Russia, it’s much more powerful than the United States on the military level, I say. Of course, not at all on the financial level. But in every conflict, when you have finance against military, the military won, always.

Geopolitics & Empire: And do you feel that Russia will be successful in its goals, in its operation? How do you feel, or do you feel that this situation in Ukraine will continue for many years, like a Yugoslavia type situation? Or do you feel people talk about a World War III type scenario? Where do you think things will go?

Thierry Meyssan: Yeah, since I think 10, 12 years, something like that, you have a big development of Nazi in the Ukraine. But Nazi is not the exact word. They are Banderites. They are follower of Stepan Bandera, that’s not the same thing than the Nazi.

But during the World War they were all working all together against the population. But the Banderites, they think racially. They think that they are from German or Scandinavian origin. But not Slav, not at all.

So, when the Russians, Slavs, are under [inaudible 00:06:27] and during 12 years, this group grow, grow, grow in Ukraine. Two months ago, they taught in the schools that Ukraine was an independent country only because the Nazi helped them. This is the official thinking. They put a lot of Nazi symbol everywhere. They build the monuments to Stepan Bandera and to the Nazi. So, but the first point for the Russian to destroy all these Nazi symbols to clean the handbook in the schools. And of course it must be evident for everybody such thing, because this way thinking brought us immediately to the war, it’s abuse.

We can’t accept inequality between the human beings, but since Poroshenko, I think… President Poroshenko developed the idea that less people in Donbas must be whipped out of the scene. In a public speech, he said that you will not give them any allocation, any support. It’s only for the people for the German and Scandinavia people, not for the Slav people. The people in Donbas reject this government in Kyiv, they ask for an autonomous system for them.

First, Kyiv accept with means agreement, but quite immediately, they refused to accept this agreement they have already signed. So since eight years, you have a war against the people in Donbas. And this rule of the Nazi system is so big that just before this war, you have a one third of the armored forces of Ukraine are Nazi forces. One third, that’s official. You have the army and you have what they call the national guard of the territorial guard and these people that’s only Nazi militia.

Geopolitics & Empire: These Azov battalions, right?

Thierry Meyssan: For instance, you have the as of regimen, but that’s only a part of this [Banderian 00:10:37] system. They have MPs also, they created an official Nazi party and they enter in the national assembly. Nobody protests, it’s very surprising for me how the West could accept such things, but they are against Russia and, but all for us.

Geopolitics & Empire: I am a Slav, I guess I would also be considered [inaudible 00:12:42]. And in fact, my family tells me my Croatian grandfather had been a Nazi prisoner for some time. He survived during in the World War II. But you also talk a lot about false flag operations. For many years, I’ve been studying this phenomenon. There are a lot of great people like Daniele Ganser, the Swiss historian who talks about these things. I’ve interviewed him in the beginning of this, when I created this podcast. 9/11, I think people listening to this program are well aware about 9/11. You wrote a book on it.

Washington and Brussels have recently been talking about false flags a lot in Ukraine. If something happens, I will first believe it was done by NATO or the CIA or MI6. I think it was Liz Truss, is her name, the UK foreign secretary this week, I think she was saying that Russia has conducted or is about to conduct a false flag. I don’t know how people believe this anymore. It’s the same story. We see it now we see it with the Syrian fake chemical attacks, false flag with Iraq war, with the Vietnam war, just so many times the West carrying out false flag operations. What are your thoughts about these discussions of false flag operations and if they will carry one out and use it to escalate the war?

Thierry Meyssan: First, false flag already works. We are human, when we see on TV, some people dying, some people cryings, that’s emotional force. So we are not able at that time, at that very time, we are not able to think. When they show, for instance, in Ukraine, people lying on the ground, all these bodies, you say that’s horrible. And immediately you have the answer to your emotional reaction. Immediately, they will say to you that’s the Russians. The criminals are Russians. So if you want to preserve you from this manipulation, you have to take distance and to think how it was in the president time. Myself, I began to be a journalist during the war in Yugoslavia.

At that time I produced daily report. It was done with all the wires from the news agency around Yugoslavia. And on the other part, it was what NATO said. So at the beginning of the conflict, it was the same story, but every day it was more and more difference. It was very strange for me. I wasn’t in Yugoslavia at that time. And I was thinking something in the middle must be the truth and it wasn’t. When the war ended immediately, I have some friends who will go in Yugoslavia in Serbia and in Kosovo and immediately the next day, everybody knows the truth was with the news agency around Ukraine, not the news agency from Europe and the U.S. No, from Greece, from Cyprus, from Albania, from everywhere around.

And what NATO to said was totally wrong. So after that, I have see 9/11. That’s something very strange. Nobody knows really what happened, but they… And it’s impossible to know because the U.S. forbid to everybody to go in New York and in Washington on the places. No one journalists in the world was able to go to these places so nobody knows

The U.S. said, “We will give you some proof of evidences of what happened.” but they never done anything credible. So we can only think, first, why they organize such a blind event like that. And we can think with how they did by the past. During your studies in Geneva, you said have contacted Daniele Ganser. He wrote a book about how the NATO organized some assassinations and some coup d’é·tat during the World War, not in the [inaudible 00:19:43], but inside Europe against the alliance. NATO was against the alliance during all the cold war.

They organized the coup d’é·tat in Greece, they killed the prime minister in Italy and so on. In France, they have done incredible things and the French people don’t know that. For instance, they support financially and military, they support the ORS, the secret army organization, that’s where people will oppose to the independence of Algeria. And there people tried 40 times to kill General de Gaulle. But this is NATO. I have done big debate with Richard Holbrooke, the famous U.S. diplomat on what topics in Kazakhstan. What we have see with 9/11, it’s something organized inside the U.S. against the U.S.

Okay. They use is as a pretext to attack Afghanistan, but they have prepared the war against Afghanistan since July, not since September. And they also use the same story against Iraq. You remember, of course, the story of the mechanical attack with Colin Powell, but failed. Colin Powell say that nations, that Iraq was co-organizer for 9/11. They use now 9/11 against Iran. They seize the property of Iran in the U.S., because they organizing trial of Iran for 9/11. The next time, it’ll be Russia, of course, or China. Everybody.

Geopolitics & Empire: That’s one of the things that… Exactly what you said, that’s one of the things that makes me angry. I’m an American citizen, but I’m also a European citizen, a Croatian. And first what concerns me is my own government. And as you said, when I learned about NATO carrying out state terrorism, assassinating Aldo Moro. I read other instances from Danielle Daniele Ganser’s book, where they sent in NATO military special operations soldiers into grocery supermarkets, and they shot and killed… I forget which European country they blew up a school bus with European children. This was a NATO and each of our European countries intelligence agencies killing us. This is terrorism. And how can you trust these people? This is a great evil.

And you mentioned Kazakhstan. I also lived for a few years in Kazakhstan. I was technically working for Nursultan Nazarbayev as one of his… Well, I never met him, but at one of his schools. But anyways, you talked about the information war recently on Voltaire Network, you were wrote an article about it. And you said that NATO has won the cognitive war against its own citizens in the West. Indeed one year ago, my Patreon, where I received donations for this channel was terminated during the same week that there was an article written from the associated press that was written together with the Atlantic Council, NATOs think tank and they mentioned my podcast in a negative way and that same week my Patreon was deleted and so you can see this information war.

I’ve never seen such strong and successful propaganda like we are seeing now surrounding this Ukraine situation. So many people I know in the West are believing the propaganda. And they’re now on social media and big tank is deleting so many people. Just yesterday, Pepe Escobar’s Twitter account was deleted. My YouTube account is almost going to be deleted, Facebook, Instagram, Russia Today America was shut down. It really feels like we are in a world war where, where everything, all the information is… It’s only one side it’s only, as you said, NATO, U.S. EU perspective and that’s it. What can you… What is interesting for you about this information war that we are in right now? And I’m Voltaire Network has also suffered censorship.

Thierry Meyssan: Yes, lot of, much than a censorship, much more than that. We were physically attacked a lot of time. So After 9/11, there was a war in Afghanistan, in Iraq, after that in Libya, and most of the people, they think that Libya was a dictatorship. This is absolutely stupid. Libya was a socialist country with the world socialist from the socialist French thinker of the 19th century [Pujol 00:26:27]. You know Pujol? So he was at that sense, it was a socialist. It was a very minimum state and they accomplished a lot of great things. No, it was the most wealthy people from all Africa, including South Africa. Now it’s all is destroying, you can’t leave more than in this country.

I was member of the last government of [inaudible 00:27:20]. And after that, I go to Syria during 10 years, I was in Syria. When I see how the U.S. organize this war, they are very few GIs on the ground, but they support 250,000 Jihadis` in Iraq and Syria, 250,000 Jihadis. So the Jihadis are the private army of Pentagon. And now in Ukraine, the Nazi are the private army of Pentagon. But unfortunately, the Nazi are more clever than the Jihadis. And right now they began to infiltrate the Western armies, including in France here.

We are not conscious of that, that’s why I published yesterday this video of this ceremony in Ukraine, with these Nazi people. It was something like [inaudible 00:29:12] Klan, something paramilitary organization, everybody masked and they prepare to kill other people. That’s why it’s a very bad thing to support Ukrainian people without asking question. Of course, you have to support the civilians, but not all civilians. Some of the civilians are Nazi, you have not to support them. You have to ask them why they create this situation. We have now some children coming from Ukraine, they go to our schools, but they don’t speak French. And between them, some of them not all of them, but some of them suddenly a quarter or third of them, they are talking in Ukrainian against some people, because this one is from Madre [inaudible 00:31:08]. This one is a black people, this one is… Etc.

Geopolitics & Empire: This is one of the reasons… I left the United States a long time ago, for many reasons. I like to live abroad, but I also felt that the American empire was declining and it was going to become more authoritarian, Nazi-like, fascist, whatever you want to call it. We see now in the U.S., they’re creating domestic terror units like Stasi. And so it’s becoming more authoritarian. And I wanted to ask you about… You said the U.S. is no longer the world’s leading economic power, it’s now China. And it’s no longer the first military power in the world, you say it’s Russia.

I’ve previously interviewed Russian military expert, Andrei Martyanov, who talks about this. And during the war in Syria, you said a war that NATO forces lost, Russia, tested all kinds of new weapons that NATO cannot compete with. Do you see the American empire declining? And what does this all mean? Do you feel they might go crazy and start a nuclear war? Going forward, how do you see this? People are now talking about a multipolar world, how do you see all of this?

Thierry Meyssan: No. Since your some scholars in us talk about the Thucydides Trap. Thucydides is the Greek historian from the anti community who explain that the war between Sparta and Athens was the consequences of decline power of Sparta and the increased power of Athens war was of course a democracy, but at the same time, an entirely power will occupy different colonies. So they said, it’s the same now, the power of the U.S. is declining and the war with China is impossible to prevent. But the U.S., they tried first to attack Russia and later China because they think they have to disassociate the two supers worlds to be sure to win. But it’s not possible for them to win and they know that.

The Russian army is able in one moment to stop immediately, all the communication of NATO. Without communication, it’s nothing. And they have also a lot of new weapons, especially hypersonic weapons that NATO don’t have and will not have before 10 years, something like that. It’s so different from their technology. And it means that all the shields of the U.S. are unable to stop the Russian missiles.

So they will not create a war. I don’t think they will create war not against Russian, but they are already doing a war against the Europeans. They know that Russia and China are too big for them, but they want to be the empire for Europeans. And they will continue false flag attacks against their own allies like they did during the cold war. Right now, they use this war in Ukraine to decide sanctions. Who are they to decide sanctions? That’s incredible.

They neglect the United Nations since 30 years, they decide a loan sanction, which is totally illegal. And they persuade the European Union, because Russians are also Europeans, but they persuade European Unions to enact the sanctions against themselves. So right now, since more than one week, Germany, don’t import more gas from Russia. They are living with their own reserves. They can do like that during some months, but no more. It means that if they continue like that in some months, you will have no electricity in Germany. It’ll be a country of third world. And if Germany collapse, all the European Union will collapse.

Geopolitics & Empire: Yeah. I’ve been reading much analysis about the collapse of the EU, even some of their own think tank, white papers talking about 2030, 2035, where the EU will collapse. And we see Russia now wants [inaudible 00:38:42] for gas. Saudi Arabia is considering selling oil [inaudible 00:38:48] to China. So we’re seeing a… So I get what you’re saying. I agree that U.S. is trying to keep the EU as its vessel. What do you think will happen generally in the West? It seems like the living standards will decline in Europe and the U.S. People talk about inflation, hyperinflation. We have problems domestically in America, culturally, politically, there’s talk of even some kind of civil war. What do you think will happen in the United States?

Thierry Meyssan: No, I don’t know. Really, I don’t know. The U.S. want to develop only the military industry. They don’t product anymore food anymore. All their everyday life, they don’t product nothing. So I remember that the Spanish empire was there because they have a lot of gold, but no other things, no food. So it was the end of the Spanish empire, because they have too more gold and no food. So the U.S., we have too more bombs, tanks, and rifles but there are no food.

Geopolitics & Empire: Yeah, that’s a good point. And maybe if you could tell us, since you’re French, just let us know what are your thoughts on… We’ve got the French elections currently, I think it’s Macron and Le Pen. Personally, I guess I’d be more of a fan of Le Pen. Not a big fan of Macron. Do you think there will be… What do you think will happen with these French elections? Will it be just the status quo will remain, or do you think there’s a possibility for change?

Thierry Meyssan: The situation is very simple. In France, only one quarter of the people are supporting Emmanuel Macron. These people, they’re happy in their life, and that’s why they support Macron. Two third, no, three quarter of the people, they are unhappy and they want to change, some of them to change the people and some of them to change the system. So Marine Le Pen is trying to organize an opposition, but because of a history of his party, not because of her. She’s totally a republican. But his party is coming from the Second World War. And for the French, that’s not the reality, but for the French, this party is the continuation of the [inaudible 00:42:45] and the collaboration with the Nazi.

In fact, this party was a creation of [inaudible 00:42:57] the head of a secret services of General de Gaulle. And it was a way to control the extreme right and Marine Le Pen was working from the General de Gaulle and stop the extreme right about the reality. But that’s not what the people in France are conscious. So some of the people will want to change the things, vote for the left for Jean-Luc Mélenchon. The only solution will be to connect Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Mélenchon but all the history reject this idea.

And of course, it’s something dangerous to link right and the left, but Marine Le Pen is not from the right and not from the left. You can think, for instance, what happened in Venezuela, when Hugo Chávez link the revolutionary people with the Catholic people and met a real transformation in this country. So it’s possible to do such thing.

Geopolitics & Empire: I guess I’ve got just one more question. You also write… I mean, you write a lot about a lot of topics on Voltaire Middle East, and just to get your thoughts going forward in this multipolar world, new world order, we’re talking about China and Russia and EU and U.S., and I think Israel also has an important role. What’s most important for you when thinking about Israel, they seem to be flirting with the Chinese, where they brought the Chinese into the ports in Haifa. We have these Abraham courts now where Israel is appearing to make peace with many of its neighbors. What is important for you when thinking about Israel right now?

Thierry Meyssan: I think Israel is changing, but changing very, very slowly. Reject Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu Was a colonialist in the British sense of world. He was trying to have an Israel empire in all the Middle East. Right now you have an Israel government, much more human than that. And you see for instance in Ukraine, they don’t align to the U.S. Israel is the only country in the Western world who refuse to receive President Zelenskyy in Knesset, in the national assembly. They only accept to have a talk with him by Zoom video, with the MP, not with national assembly individually, with the MPs, because they are aware of this Nazi phenomenon in Ukraine.

They are aware that President Zelenskyy, which is Jewish is not at all representative of Jewish people, is the product of [inaudible 00:47:48] and [inaudible 00:47:56] in Ukraine which is also Jewish people, but which is also the head of the mafia in Ukraine. And that guy tried few years ago to became the head of the Jewish community in European Union and he was hosted by all the Jewish community.

So Israel was very cautious with Ukraine and Naftali Bennett, the prime minister goes to Ukraine, said at the end to Zelenskyy, “You have to host the Nazi and to accept what said Vladimir Putin is right.” So I see that Israel is changing. It Is beginning to be a normal state, an independent normal state. So they are now taking distances slowly from the U.S., and they are going more to China and Russia.

Geopolitics & Empire: Yeah. I’ve been seeing the same thing. And I remember reading about Bennett telling Zelenskyy, “Do what the Russians want.” Do you have any other issue that you think is important for us to know about or that I haven’t brought up, or any final thoughts for us?

Thierry Meyssan: Yes, I have so very more important, who is doing this politics in the U.S.? We are talking as the U.S. where democracy, but it is not at all democracy. First, in the U.S. constitution there is no the democracy word at all. There is no words republic in your constitution. No, this constitution was wrote to organize a kind of British monarch in the U.S. with U.S. people, not with British people, but with U.S. people, but the same kind of system. And fortunately, the people who did the war against the British barriers, people impose 10 amendments to the constitution. So right now it’s more a little wight, but this system is always in few hands, not in the people hands at all.

And Since 30 years, the small group, no more than 100 people, very small group, take the poor. This group, I will call them the Straussians because they support of philosopher called Leo Strauss. These people, you never see them in public sometimes, but very few times in public. You know only them because they are supported by a group of journalist of media. What we called the neo conservatives, but neoconservatives are no… They don’t have political power at all. They are only media power. The neo conservative restrictions they are the same families in fact. But why I said it’s very few people.

In the U.S., you discover this people with Paul Wolfowitz was a direct disciple from Leo Strauss. He was number two in the Pentagon during George Bush, the son. And you know also Daniel [Pearl 00:53:54], that guy was an advisor in the Pentagon. But he was also before that the man who organized the war in Yugoslavia, he was a special advisor for all political affairs to President Izetbegović in Bosnia’s government. When at the same time, Osama bin Laden was the advisor of Izetbegović for military affairs. At the same time Pearl and bin Laden in the same government doing the same politics.

In France, we have also [inaudible 00:54:52] which is a so-called philosopher, also advisor to Izetbegović for media. So with people, they first organized the war in Yugoslavia. And after that, they organized 9/11. This group Project for New American century. That was the same people, all the founders of Project for New American Century, they are all Straussians, all of them. First, of course, Robert Kagan, the historian. And the wife of Robert Kagan is Victoria Nuland. That’s where the UN organized the end of the war between Israel and Lebanon. When the Hezbollah was winning, they stopped the war, “Don’t invade Israel.”

She stopped the war and after that, she organized the coup d’é·tat in Ukraine in 2014, and now she organized this very war in Ukraine. She’s the number two in the secretary of state, but she was with George Bush and with Barack Obama at the same time. She was with Joe Biden when he was vice president, she organized the erupt of Ukraine because she put Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden as the head of system in Ukraine. And she organized with Hunter Biden, the military biological centers in Ukraine.

The Nazi and the Straussians are very closed. This is something coming from Leo Strauss himself. Leo Strauss was Jewish people going out of Europe because of the Nazi. He goes to U.S. and became a teacher in Chicago University. And he said to his followers, “Don’t trust the democracy, they are too weak. If you want to prevent to be killed by a dictator, you have to do yourself a dictator.” So that’s why now there’s links with Nazi.

Geopolitics & Empire: Yes. Growing up in America we were taught out early on the constitution. As you mentioned, I have right behind me the bill of rights there, and you have this idea that we live in this republic, and it’s only later I realize I’m a citizen of the empire. And that it’s basically an oligarchy, as you said. People look at Putin, he’s been in power for 20 years. Well how long has had Merkel been in power? And then you look in the U.S., you had in the ’90s, it was Bush and then Clinton and then Bush, and then Obama, Clinton. And now we basically have Biden, which is again, the sort of a repeat of Clinton and Obama, and the same people as you say, have been in power for the last 30 years and they just keep running constant regime changes. So yes, I would agree.

Do you have any then final thoughts to leave us with? I’m glad that you’re optimistic, that you don’t think there will be a World War III. So that’s good. Any final thoughts for us?

Thierry Meyssan: I think the world is dividing now, dividing in two blocks. And these two blocks, we know more communicate. And we are in the small block. We are 10% of humanity, but we are proud to be the U.S. That’s ridiculous.

Geopolitics & Empire: Yeah, we are seeing this bifurcation as they call it. And Mackinder’s world island growing. As you said, the majority of the world’s population and resources are coming together. Even here in Mexico, where I am, the president is not going along with Uncle Sam and so we clearly see this trend. What are the… What is the best website or websites that you recommend for people to follow? Voltaire. Are there books or projects that people should know about and how can people support you?

Thierry Meyssan: The problem now is much more bigger. You have not… The problem is that you must learn history. You must learn history. The U.S. never win the Second World War, it was the USSR, not the U.S. Now the world is built with a lot of stupidity. We ignore our own history, we are only believing what we have seen with Hollywood films. So you have to search the documents from the beginning, don’t believe what they said about the documents, read them. First, read them. That’s the first thing to do.

And with the media, you never believe the first screen, never believe that. When you see, for instance, two weeks ago, we have in France a big show to explain us what happened in Ukraine on the… We have a public TV, or state TV, who explain us that the Russian are bad and that the Ukrainians are good. They interview the mayor of [inaudible 01:03:21] and of course, the guy said, “We are resisting against the Russian beer.” But they never explained that this guy was only dark, a billionaire, but he was owning most of TVs and radios in his country and then he was putting Nazi propaganda on the air.

They never explained that just near his office, there was a very big building to the glory of [inaudible 01:04:35]. So they was lying to us. There was very few of them, but it was absolutely false what they did. And it’s very simple to verify what I said. So be very cautious with the media.

Geopolitics & Empire: Yeah, I agree. It’s simple to uncover this stuff and I agree as a former professor of history and political science, that’s what I tend to do. And I would force my students to read the declassified CIA operations, like Operation Ajax, how they overthrew the Iranian government unethically, Operation Northwood, and so many of these operations. That’s how we have to think. I guess, your best website is, yes?

Thierry Meyssan: Yes, Yes.

Geopolitics & Empire: And it’s in different languages. You can read it in Spanish, French, and people can support you there, right? That’s the best place to support you?

Thierry Meyssan: Yes. Yes, of course. Because in fact, we have much more attack than we have support.

Geopolitics & Empire: That’s just the name of the game and I see your books are still available on Amazon, right? The Big Lie and-

Thierry Meyssan: Yes, yes.

Geopolitics & Empire: They’re in English as well, and you can get them in Kindle. I’m going to purchase them in Kindle. Well, in any case, I’ve been a regular reader of and so I highly recommend everyone to bookmark the website if you didn’t know about Thierry Meyssan’s work in Voltaire. Merci for being on Geopolitics & Empire.

Thierry Meyssan: Thank you.

Thierry Meyssan: The Goal of the Ukraine Conflict is to Economically Collapse Europe

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