United States of Gun Violence

From serial killers to school shooters, what explains America’s one-of-a-kind culture of violence?

What’s behind Biden’s bellicose posture in Asia? Were his Taiwan comments really a “gaffe?”

Dr. Ken Hammond joins BT to help us understand the reality behind the rhetoric.

The upcoming election in Colombia could be momentous. Journalist @ZoPepperC joins BT to discuss the impact of a left victory for the first time in the modern era.

Women’s rights are under enormous attack with a Supreme Court decision looming that could overturn Roe v. Wade.

Karina Garcia of @pslweb  says “now is the time to fight.”

“There’s something deeper that’s wrong with American society & culture contributing to this. Everyone in Lebanon has guns. There are guns all over Yemen & Syria, but they don’t have these bizarre senseless mass shootings.” –

One thought on “United States of Gun Violence

  • Jason

    “Everyone has guns” just answered your question. Shooting get in the news in the US when they happen in gun free zones, but other incidents where an armed woman stops a person shooting into a crowded area is not. The latter was reported today, but fails to fit a narrative so will stay off MSM


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