The Triumph of Lies over Truth, of Tyranny over Freedom Is the Story of Our Time

Those Who Trusted BigPharma’s “Health Authorities” Are Paying for their Gullibility in Spades.

UK Government data show that COVID Vaccinated Children Are 4423% More Likely to Die of Any Cause & 13,633% More Likely to Die of COVID-19 Than Unvaccinated Children

Government Database Reveals 10,000% Increase in Cancer Reports Due to COVID Vaccines

Nine more orchestrated pandemics are planed. Will people ever catch on, or will fear always drive them to their destruction?  Watch the 31 minute video and make up your own mind:

The tyrants  put Dr. Simone Gold in prison. They have persecuted the doctors and scientists who told the truth. Why? What we are witnessing in our time is fake news broadcast by a media serving as Propaganda Ministry for Tyranny replacing scientific facts and evidence with lies that the public lacks the education to penetrate. The voices of experts are being discredited by ignorant media whores. This is precisely what we are experiencing: The triumph of lies over truth, of tyranny over freedom. This is the story of our time.

Here is a prediction that Justice won’t come from the legal system, but from the anger of the masses ending in Street Justice. This prediction presupposes that anger will transform the masses from sheep into avengers. I wish I could believe it. 

The corrupt CDC is quietly moving away from its deadly Covid protocols that injured and killed so many people by  modifying its previous insistence on mass endless vaccination.  The CDC has “streamlined” its guidance by acknowledging the protection of natural immunity and by removing the useless six-foot “social distancing” that was imposed.  As the public’s awareness of their deception deepens and the public’s anger intensifies at the damage done to them by the CDC, NIH, FDA, and WHO, expect more modifications to the CDC’s protocols that did far more damage to life and health than did the laboratory-created Covid virus itself.

The CDC still pretends in the face of all evidence to the contrary that the vaccine and the masks protect.  All scientific evidence refutes the CDC’s pretense.  

The CDC is likely to continue quietly modifying its protocols to evade responsibility for massive human suffering by aligning itself more with the actual facts that the CDC previously denied.  This is the way guilty public agencies avoid ever being held accountable.  As time passes, will the CDC acting in self-preservation  adjust its position until it is in line with Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Simone Gold?  The federal agency officials who murdered and damaged so many Americans will, little doubt, be awarded the “Medal of Freedom” by the corrupt Biden regime, by far the worst enemy Americans have ever faced.

The Triumph of Lies over Truth, of Tyranny over Freedom Is the Story of Our Time

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