Special Counsel John Durham’s Failed Russiagate Investigation

Years ago I wrote that nothing would come of Special Counsel John Durham’s Russiagate investigation.  Yesterday I was proven correct. A politicized Washington, D.C., jury threw out the only case Durham has brought against a seditious operation that began six years ago.  Michael Sussman, a Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer was cleared of lying to a FBI agent, the only crime Durham could find of a massive operation orchestrated by the CIA and FBI to prevent President Trump from normalizing relations with Russia. 

American foreign policy was set on a totally different course from Trump’s intent by the neoconservatives with the Wolfowitz doctrine of US hegemony.  Russia has to be pushed back and overcome with problems that would drain and redirect the Kremlin’s energy away from opposing US unilateralism.  After pouring $5 billion into preparing the overthrow of the Ukrainian government, the neoconservatives struck with the US-orchestrated “Maidan Revolution” in 2014 and installed an anti-Russian puppet government.  Neither the military-security complex nor the neoconservatives were going to let President Trump proceed with his goal of normalizing relations with Russia.  The relations were on schedule to be much worsened with the humiliation and isolation of Russia as the goal.

Trump, being a real estate developer with no sound or knowledgable advisers, had no idea of the challenge his normalization posed to the ruling establishment, Republicans as well as Democrats.  Trump was a sitting duck.

It was obvious that Durham’s job was to make sure the Russiagate investigation failed.  We have known for years of the FBI’s role in orchestrating Russiagate. The facts are available.  High level FBI officials were involved in the plot against Trump. The FBI lied to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, prompting one judge to resign in protest.  But Durham focused on low level Clinton campaign officials.  Despite evidence, he didn’t even go after Hillary.

He couldn’t.  Hillary on the stand would have said that the CIA and FBI brought her the issue and whereas it served her interest she did not originate Russiagate.  Conservatives no less than liberals would not want to shake the public’s confidence in government by implicating the CIA and FBI in a plot to control US foreign policy and perhaps remove a president from office.  There was no way there could be a real investigation of Russiagate.  Indeed, Attorney General Bill Barr could have stopped the orchestration while he was in office, but he did not.  Trump was out of step with the ruling establishment and had to be reduced to impotence and got rid off.

The Kremlin thinks that foreign policy is used to further a country’s national interest, but not in the United States. In the US foreign policy serves the power and profit of the military/security complex and the hegemonic ideology of the neoconservatives. A $1,000 billion annual military/security budget requires an enemy, not normalized relations.  Clearly, the Kremlin has been in the dark about this and has been waiting patiently for the West to act rationally rather than in a suicidal manner. 

The neoconservatives’ well thought-out plan to overthrow the Ukrainian government, install a puppet, and train and equip a neo-Nazi militia to shell the Russian population in the Donbass area of Ukraine was designed to provoke a Russian intervention that could be used to justify sanctions that would isolate Russia from Europe and justify more US missile bases on Russia’s borders. This plan was threatened by President Trump’s declared goal of normalizing relations with Russia. Trump had to go, because he positioned himself as an obstacle to a hegemonic foreign policy two decades in the making.

In the US the justice system is politicized.  That Durham had to bring his case in the District of Columbia guaranteed that Sussman would not be convicted.  I suspect that Sussman’s acquittal is the end of the Russiagate investigation.  Just as the media demonization of police officer Derek Chauvin meant no jury would fail to convict him, the demonization of Russia means that no jury would rule against the belief that there was Russian collusion in our internal affairs.

Special Counsel John Durham’s Failed Russiagate Investigation

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