Democrats Have Made America a Wonderful Haven for Immigrant-Invaders

The Democrats finance immigrant-invaders to cross the seas and provide them with food, water, and medical care so they can reach our border, then permit them to illegally cross into the US and pay them $450,000 each for doing so. This is expensive vote-buying, but it will meet the Democrats’ goal of getting rid of Red states.

The way the Democrats have rigged using US taxpayers’ money to finance their vote-buying scheme is to claim the Trump administration damaged illegal entrants by separating families and America needs to pay off the damaged illegals so they don’t sue. The immigrant-invaders law suits are being prepared against the American taxpayers by the ACLU, apparently with input from the US Department of Justice.

Biden’s deputy press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, said the payoffs were justified because separating illegal immigrant-invader family members was “cruel, inhuman, and immoral.” Apparently, bombing hospitals, funerals, weddings, farmers, and children’s soccer games in the Middle East is OK, but arresting illegal entrants is not.

Of course, a non-citizen who has committed the crime of illegal entry has no basis for a lawsuit in a US court. If such lawsuits were possible by damaged foreigners, the US would be stone broke. Just imagine all the people the US damaged in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Pakistan, Vietnam. Imagine the damage the US has done to journalist Julian Assange and to many US citizen whistleblowers. Just imagine Democrats allowing any of these millions of damaged people to bring lawsuits.

There has never in history been corruption on the scale of the US Democrat Party, and Republicans are too cowardly to do anything about it. The Republican Party even allows Democrats to steal elections openly in plain view and to frame a sitting President.

A Gangster Party and a Cowardly Party are not ingredients for a bright future.

Who Is Financing the Immigrant-Invader Caravans Heading for US Border?

Who brings poor Haitians across the sea to Mexico to walk across our border?

The answer: the Democrat Party and its benefactors

Did Biden order Mexico to call off the National Guard and permit the immigrant-invaders to advance? You can bet the Democrats have it figured out how many immigrant-invaders they need to establish their one party rule. The Democrats know just how many to send to each Red state.

Democrats Have Made America a Wonderful Haven for Immigrant-Invaders

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