Last Stand of Settler Colonialism—MES EP.108

Underlying the eruption of tensions between oppressor and oppressed all across Palestine, the lights have remained scandalously dim at the UN. Western leaders pathetically call for calm on both sides as if equal, while aberrantly affirming the one-sidedness of ‘Israel’s right to defend itself’ as if it had been attacked out of the blue. What the recent Israeli genocidal approach has made clear is that the Palestinians are withstanding prolonged oppression with their spirit of resistance intact, and refuse pacification regardless of the severity of the imposed hardships.

To discuss this issue with us from Beirut is Mona Issa spokesperson of the Boycott US Products campaign and political commentator.

No one in the Israeli entity expected what came along at the hands of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza. All talk about estimates and expectations lost its credibility with the first rocket launching towards occupied Al Quds, shortly after the threat of the leader of the “Qassam Brigades”, Abu Khaled al-Deif. Israel indeed faced a torrent of surprises not only related to the ability of the resistance to launch large missiles that touched down deep within the entity, rather, how the Palestinians of the occupied interior worked in harmony with Gaza.

To discuss this issue with us from Berlin is Manuel Ochsenreiter editor in chief of the Zuerst magazine.

Last Stand of Settler Colonialism–MES EP.108 from Marwa Osman on Vimeo.

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  • Aelialicinia

    The so called fake Muslim “palestinians” are settlers as well…most were forcibly settled there from other regions of the Ottoman Turk times. Israelis have far more right to their Biblical homeland than you all.


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