Israel Hides its Casualties- MES EP.213

Israel’s obsession in controlling the flow of information inside the colonial settler communities has led it to not only cover the real number of deaths in conflicts, but also to report soldier casualties as “accidents”.

Those incidents included vehicle overturns, sudden deaths during training, misuse of weapons, and very rarely suicides. Whether falling from trees or dying in car crashes, Israeli soldiers seem to be the unluckiest on the planet. But, in this Information Age, it is becoming increasingly challenging for Tel Aviv to conceal its combat-related deaths.

Recently, high-frequency threats have been made by Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the Israeli occupation regime, to strike the Islamic Republic of Iran to allegedly prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Netanyahu said in statements to the Israeli channel, Kan, “Internationally, Israel will do everything it must do to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon”. Netanyahu’s threats come at a time when there is talk of contacts and mediation aimed at reactivating the nuclear negotiations, at a time when the Biden administration’s options for dealing with Iran have declined.

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