A New Arab Phase- MES EP.211

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is not the only Arab leader who arrived in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, last week for the “League of Arab States” meeting at the level of state leaders, held on Friday May 19.

However, without any doubt, the arrival of President Assad on a presidential plane to Jeddah airport seemed to be the most prominent event prior to the summit, as it won the widest media coverage, as well as the interest of Arab observers, analysts, and others. Western observers, who had followed and covered the Syrian file throughout the years of the war, went as far as observing the takeoff, flight path and landing of the Syrian presidential plane, commenting on that through their Twitter accounts, in terms filled with “disappointment” and frustration.

Meanwhile, the battle of “Revenge of the Free” has ended, but the war has not ended and will not end until the sun of Palestine rises, and a round of struggle of the free with tyrants has stopped. The struggle has not stopped and will not stop with the Zionist entity until its scorching sun sets.

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