1+1 Episode 173 Youri & Dr. Marwa Osman speak out on real cancel culture and censorship

On this two part episode of 1+1@1+1 hosted by Youri Smouter (sometimes Yuri) I had the honor to welcome back to the program Dr.Marwa Osman a Lebanese university professor and a journalist, the host of Mideastream on Press TV.

In Part One of this epic interview we discuss how Lebanon’s efforts at rebuilding itself is faring, Marwa explains its slow but someone a minister from Lebanon who has been tasked to rebuild is doing the best he can but she worries once elections begin in Lebanon that if a new government is elected and the minister loses his job and is replaced by someone else’s crony then Lebanon is back to square zero not even square one. we then talk about the issue of cancel culture and censorship and the extreme cases where people’s lives are under attack due to people’s inability to allow another person to have a different point of view even if we find it abhorrent or they say some things reprehensible. We discuss the deadly attack on Salman Rushdie but point out that those the powers that be and even the more liberal folks on the spectrum have either been silent or openly support the canceling/deplatforming of RT, Sputnik, Maffick, Soapbox, Redfish and Russian state media in english, french, german and so fourth. There’s been no wide call to free Julian Assange the founder/former editor in chief of Wikileaks still arbitrarily detained in Belmarsh prison where’s he’s been subjected to systemic psychological/physical torture and could face that and death or life in prison in the US for exposing systemic war crimes and other misconducts. and the hypocritical and selective outrage of these insincere free speech warriors say nothing about Zelensky the current Ukranian president who has been suppressing free speech, political opposition across the spectrum, unions, Ukrainians of a Russian background and the same folks celebrated his goverment’s murder of Alexander Dugin’s daughter and the attempt on his life. all of this and more on this two part episode of 1+1 with Dr. Marwa Osman of @Marwa Osman of Mideastream on Press TV.

join us for part two where she explains more the background of the Dugins, the father who she pushes back against the popular perspection he is a far-right thinker who influences Vladimir Putin’s government, and the cancel culture Palestinians and the diaspora and solidarity folks many of them Jewish Anti-Zionist face when speaking out on Israel, the cancel culture Press TV is subjected to, and a discussion on recent protests in Iran and the Western efforts to coopt them and advance imperialism.

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