Is it smart for the US to engage China, Russia and Iran at the same time?

Yesterday Joe Biden made his first major foreign policy speech addressing virtually the Munich Security Conference (MSC). The transcript of his statement can be found in the White House website here:

Biden gave the impression that America is intended to challenge China and Russia and Iran’s alleged malign activities in the Middle East while trying to put back in tracks the JCPOA abandoned by Washington in 2018.

The approach seems to be confrontational towards all the three countries even if Washington seems giving the impression to rely more on European, Asian and Middle Easterners allies to engage its three nemesis. It is uncertain at the moment how much America’s allies will be committed in a tough approach towards Beijing, Moscow and Teheran.

I had discussed how smart the American approach was in an essay written on February 12th and published (and re-edited) on the 19th, a few hours before Biden’s speech at MSC. The speech has unfortunately confirmed my worst expectations. My short essay has been republished by The Alternative World:

Biden’s policy of containing China, Russia and Iran is no longer viable

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