Syria and the Caesar Act, Why Americans Should Care

Syrians are starving, their wheat crop this year was burned by US Army Rangers on illegal orders. Their drinking water supplies were cut off by Turkey and, in Damascus, over and over, Israeli missile attacks on the local water purification and pumping system, deemed a military target by Israel.

The real damage is done by the Caesar Act, which keeps Syria from buying food, medicine and fuel. The issue, of course, is the brutal regime.

Here is how it is seen, the regime rules by calling freedom fighters and opposition to dictatorial rule “terrorists,” subjecting them to gas attacks and broad use of the military and rigged courts.

There is endless evidence of systematic police murders, of sterilization of minorities and immigrants and the mass deployment of biological weapons against its own people.

Now we look at Syria.

The Syrian people have, now for 9 years, fought a cabal made up of Israel, America, Saudia, UAE, Qatar, Turkey, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Poland, aided by a dozen intelligence agencies.

Tactical nuclear weapons, poison gas, 150,000 car and truck bombs, starvation, disease and random wanton murder are the tools deployed.


Syria has oil, much more than anyone guessed.

Syria is coveted by Israel who wants to divide the nation between Kurds and Saudi run puppets with Damascus and Aleppo as a triumvirate of capitols, as Israel restores the Temple of Solomon to bring on the End Times.

Toward that end, Israel needs Baalbek in Lebanon and Palmyra.

Back in 2007 when the end of the Bush regime was near, taking down Iran would have been impossible. The choice?  Burn down the US economy, leave it in a shambles for the Democrats to clean up and return to try a new tack, building a fake NATO out of the brutal Gulf State/Saudi regimes, while unleashing a new Erdogan driven Ottoman Empire on the region.

Chaos theory tells us that he who plays chess while others play checkers wins; and every Israeli has a “Noble Prize” in chess.

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