Intel Drop: Some of What we Know That is Forbidden on the Pandemic

Intelligence comes in that is essentially stand alone.  Were there a paying client, a mosaic and projections could be made or operators sent out to deal with those responsible.

Instead, I simply put this here to remind others that some of us aren’t gullible though we are helpless, seemingly so at least.

  • All numbers on testing are being falsified, the companies doing tests have failed and no one is capable of manufacturing needed tests currently at a rate beyond 50k per day, 20% of minimum requirements.  Instead, tests are faked.
  • None of the “stay home and see if you don’t die” COVID patients, 3x more than admitted, who are diagnosed and monitored by Tele-medicine are counted
  • The GOP has raised a massive campaign chest through selling up to 20,000 visas to the United States, all issued after travel ban, mostly to Chinese nationals, who have all entered the US.  Many of them were COVID infected.  Money is laundered into campaign coffers through a DC lawfirm under Citizens United.  The lawfirm represents several MEGA (American-Israeli) high net worth individuals tied to Epstein and the Trump campaign/inaugural.
  • COVID tests Trump blames Obama for, says they are defective, are, in fact, manufactured with a 24 month expiration.  How long has Trump been president?  Trump de-funded the organization that inventoried/monitored/replaced these vital safeguards, now Trump is lying his way out of it quite successfully with the aid of the press.
  • In February, COVID was found in sewage in the Netherlands.  Now we find that COVID is resistant to normal drinking water purification levels of sodium hypochlorite. (bleach)
  • Trump, following Qanon, is eating up much of his time searching for many (enough to fill any college stadium) allegedly missing children believed to be held prisoner in the Jade Helm prison system tied together by continent-wide secret military tunnels that all tie to Comet Pizza.  The DOJ has a task force under the direct command of the Attorney General of the United States seeking these tunnels which tie “ground zero” for COVID in New York to certain Washington DC restaurants.  (You just can’t make this stuff up.)
  • We have traced the creation of modified untreatable COVID to USAID/CIA and the University of North Caroina (2015)  We now trace its weaponization to a USAID/CIA contractor from Columbus, Ohio operating in Georgia (Republic of) and Kazakhstan, tied to a Bush 43 era black funded bioweapon program.
  • We have found, within the WHO, CDC and other groups, a sub-set organization tied to bio-terrorism.  This is a very small, very covert organization and in no way reflects on those in these groups who are working for our general welfare day and night.
  • The US media is now under a massive censorship program beyond anything during World War II.  No relevant or helpful information required by health officials is allowed by orders of the White House.  The entire nation is flying blind, no testing figures, no real infection figures, no policy of any kind and totally porous borders, open to the “connected/infected” who have taken COVID to places it would never have gone otherwise.
  • More FBI agents, TODAY, are looking for Obama’s birth certificate (really) than searching for “patient zero.”

Consider this a taste…no more

Intel Drop: Some of What we Know That is Forbidden on the Pandemic

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