Trapped In The Slaughterhouse

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Western civilization is a story of full bellies and starving hearts. Of a feast of information and a famine of truth. Of conveyor belts churning out processed food, conformity-enforcing media and power-serving culture. Enough food to stay alive but not enough sustenance to live.

They keep us alive but they don’t let us live. They give us enough carbohydrate to turn the gears of industry, but they keep us too busy, poor, propagandized, confused and crazy to actually drink from the waters of life. To actually experience the beauty of this world. To let the crackling potentiality of advanced terrestrial life blossom to fruition within us.

The modern empire rules us by filling our markets with Wonder Bread and our schools and media with lies. By filling our bellies and starving our souls. By churning out mountains of useless landfill without ever producing anything of real value. By making more while providing less.

They improve food production and medicine just enough to lengthen our lifespans, only so that they have more life to drain us of. They let us populate the earth with more humans only to drain us of our humanity.

We’re not people to them. We are batteries. We are fuel.

This is no civilization. It’s a slaughterhouse. A fake plastic performance staged to funnel human life into the gears of an insatiable machine. A fake plastic culture designed to keep us on the conveyor belt so that our life force can be converted into fuel for a soulless empire. A fake plastic society built to keep us marching into the food processor.

There are so very many more of us than there are of them. We could crush them like an insect the moment we decided to. But the brainwashing is so very, very effective, and the matrix hallucination seems so very, very real. Our propaganda-induced coma keeps us fueling the machine.

Not until we awaken ourselves from the coma will our adventure on this planet really begin. Not until we can unplug our minds from the empire’s life-siphoning control mechanisms we can begin to really live.

We’ll either wake each other up, or we’ll remain trapped in the slaughterhouse.

2 thoughts on “Trapped In The Slaughterhouse

  • Jason Kilpatrick

    I wholeheartedly agree! I want to alert everyone I can, try to jolt my friends and loved ones out of their spellbound states. I need some help though.
    I need help honing the skills it takes to satisfactorily convey my message in on-the-spot improv conversation. I believe there’s a “muscle” that can and should be strengthened in that regard. Are there katas? If anyone has a toolkit, might the rest of us have a gander at what tools you find most find useful?

    • Ángel Cerrato

      One tool I have found useful has been to regularly spend working stays, or to live, in countries / societies where life-siphoning control mechanisms are different / weaker / non-existant and where people have a greater possibility to actually drink from the waters of life and to actually experience the beauty of this world -to use the text words-.
      The Saharan part of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia can be a good place to start. Cuba is definitely a serious life project to settle in, live and fight for. Or to go learn and come back to implement.

      Thank you for the question. La diligencia en prenguntar es el camino más rápido hacia la ciencia. Hopefully we will get more ideas from savvier people.


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