They Keep Us Focused On Decoy Dichotomies: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

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Westerners are taught that evil foreign “regimes” don’t let their people criticize their government, meanwhile westerners themselves are trained to never criticize their government. They’re trained instead to criticize decoy dichotomies — false partisan nonsense — not the real power.

Westerners are trained to criticize the actions of the other party or the beliefs of the other ideological faction, never the foreign or domestic policies which are fully supported by both parties. The power structure which maintains 99.9% of the same policies regardless of which party is officially in charge is the real government, but westerners are trained never to look there. They’re instead trained to fixate on a false two-handed puppet show diversion.

Westerners say “Well I’d rather live here than China or Russia, because here I can criticize my government whenever I want!” Okay. But you don’t. You don’t criticize your government. You just criticize the puppets, and usually only the puppets of the party you don’t like. You never criticize your actual government. Criticizing your actual government looks like attacking the murderous foreign policy that’s supported by both parties. Attacking the authoritarian domestic policies supported by both parties. Attacking the exploitative capitalist systems supported by both parties.

Westerners are trained not to do that. They’re trained to believe that “criticizing your government” looks like saying “Drumpf” or “Let’s go Brandon” while the same tyrannical agendas march forward regardless of who sits in the White House.

Westerners are “free” in the same way “free range” chickens are free; sure the door’s technically open and they can technically go outside, but they’re conditioned never to do so. Western so-called liberal democracy purports to offer freedom while in practice only offering the illusion of freedom. It uses the most sophisticated propaganda machine ever devised to keep people trapped in an existence as blindly obedient gear-turners while cartoons about freedom play in their heads.

The problem isn’t “wokeism”, the problem is that important conversations like US militarism and imperialism get bogged down in ridiculous conversations about whether the US military is too woke or not woke enough instead of how it’s killing people and threatening the whole world. Engaging in either side of that debate protects the worst impulses of the most powerful and dangerous people in the world, because it moves the crosshairs of public scrutiny from the powerful to the other side of the “wokeness” culture war. This is happening all over the place.

A good example is the way Republicans have been pushing the most horrific agendas of US imperialism but using “anti-wokeness” as a carrying agent for their propaganda, like when Jesse Kelly said on Tucker Carlson that “We don’t need a military that’s woman-friendly. We don’t need a military that’s gay-friendly, with all due respect to the Air Force. We need a military that’s flat-out hostile. We need a military full of Type-A men who want to sit on a throne of Chinese skulls.”

Or when Psycho Rubio said “We don’t need a military focused on the proper use of pronouns. We need a military focused on blowing up Chinese aircraft carriers.”

The culture war says you should push back on the “anti-woke” rhetoric. Anti-imperialism says you should push back on their omnicidal warmongering. It’s hard to focus on both. This is being exploited by empire managers in myriad ways. They get people chasing decoy dichotomies so they can’t focus on the powerful.

Step 1: Be a progressive.

Step 2: Ignore a major problem that progressives are supposed to oppose.

Step 3: Keep ignoring it until right wingers start paying attention to it.

Step 4: Frame opposing that problem as a right wing position.

See: See nuclear brinkmanship, Ukraine proxy warfare, Assange, Syria, internet censorship, etc.

One of the reasons people are so casual about risking nuclear war is because it’s a difficult concept for the mind to wrap itself around. Full-scale nuclear war wouldn’t just kill everyone, it’d prevent every other human who would have been born in the future from ever existing.

I have no special feelings one way or the other about China or Russia, I just acknowledge the indisputable fact that they are quantifiably far less destructive than the US-centralized empire. If they weren’t being aggressively targeted by that empire I probably wouldn’t notice them much.

Discussion of revolution and communism in the English-speaking world is just fantasy role playing unless it begins and ends with the cold hard reality that the left has been completely neutralized and marginalized here and the numbers are nowhere close to what they need to be. Moving revolutionary leftism out of the farthest margins and closer to the mainstream should be your first and foremost objective before you talk about anything else, because otherwise you’re just LARPing. You’re arguing about a political movement that has no actual movement.

You can do this by outreach and activism. You can also do this by finding ways to make socialism and communism look so fucking cool that people start knocking each other over to be a part of it. Finding clever ways to make it shiny and attractive in a very indoctrinated society.

Anyone who tries hard to convince you to like a powerful person has traded their mind for personality cult doctrine, whether their hero is Bernie Sanders, AOC, Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson or Elon Musk. Proselytizing for the powerful is a sign that critical thinking has been abandoned.

Think about it: what would be gained by one more person having positive feelings about Elon Musk or some other powerful figure? How does that benefit the world? It doesn’t, yet people try to win converts for them constantly, just like evangelists proselytizing their religion. This is because they’re all about the individual, not the cause or the policies that individual supposedly stands for.

Anyone who tries to convince me to support a given goal or perspective will have my interest if their case is lucid and well-argued, but anyone who tries to convince me to like a given individual is instantly dismissed as a mindless automaton. I know I won’t be hearing anything intelligent from them.

Pushing agendas serves those agendas. Pushing individuals serves only those individuals. If you care about advancing a cause, then advance that cause. Don’t get caught up in the propaganda-friendly, thought-killing tar pit of personality worship.

Famous people are not your friend, and uplifting the powerful only serves power. This is especially true in the power structure we currently live under where the only people who are allowed to get to the top are those who facilitate the interests of power.

Filmmakers can trick you into cheering for the seal or for the polar bear just by choosing which one’s being followed by the camera and framed as the protagonist. They can also trick you into cheering for cops, a corrupt legal system, or an imperialist military in the same way.

One thought on “They Keep Us Focused On Decoy Dichotomies: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

  • Deborah

    Wow! I hate to say this, but I can clearly see myself in your article. Powerful and I think you see it very clearly. Especially with the election results in Florida and people are instantly trashing Trump over Desantis. It’s almost juvenile!
    I’m not a hater of people but I do hate policies that are clearly undermining our abilities to provide and led a decent productive life.
    Our military industrial complex is meant to keep the bad guys from attaching us but they are useless when the top brass are unable to lead. Afghanistan was a nightmare and no one has been made to answer for their dereliction of duties.
    This is what I took away from this last election. We have many republicans who align with the democrats. A uniparty is the term being used. If we don’t have a cohesive group of electors who have a clear plan on how to make the lives better for We The People and I mean all people, then the perpetual ups and downs of emotional upheaval which only keeps us off balance and unfocused, we are doomed.
    By simple running on Biden’s a bad president instead of what their plans are to fix things and then coming together as a strong unit. Unity amongst all our populist republicans and the old guards must fall in line or step down.
    I’ve heard people say we are headed for a civil war. Well, my response is this, do you really think Biden cares enough about us that not to use the big guns? That would only reinforce his domestic terrorists claims. Keep pushing and pushing and pushing and there’s going to come a time when enough is enough.
    I am a Christian gal who really loves God and my family. I only want what’s best for them. I want my grandchildren and their children, which we now have three of them, to live in peace and prosperity. Where they aren’t afraid of the police state and can express their views and opinions without being cancelled or worse. If experienced both. We see how laws are easily ignored. Look At those still being held without due process over January 6! Or the weaponization of the DOJ. Censorship from social media or a school board meeting because Biden and the Teachers Union decided that parents really do not have a say in their child’s education. It’s a different world today. Frightening times in a world that seems to have gone crazy or conditioned to it and think it’s a normal way to live. I recall simpler times and that was just fine because we are constantly being bombarded with outside psychological warfare to change our perceptions. I don’t have the answers. I don’t know why we are becoming so hateful to one another. Race baiting is horrendous. If one has read the Bible and is a believer as I am, then this world of war and unimaginable evil perpetuated on society, is because we live in a fallen world and satan rules, then we just may be in end times and what is written will come to pass, regardless of who is in power!
    Thank you for a very thoughtful and in-depth look at the way politics really are. God bless


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