Dogshit Presidents, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

It’s extremely foolish to let monopolistic tech oligarchs have this unprecedented influence over the flow of information. I shouldn’t have to keep saying this, but here we are.

If online censorship keeps tightening, the internet will cease to be an information-democratizing tool of the people to any extent at all and will instead just enable ruling power structures to administer propaganda much more quickly and efficiently than they could previously.


“You should oppose censorship because it will eventually come for you too.”

This is only true of people who oppose the establishment power structures with which Silicon Valley oligarchs are aligned. It’s not true of establishment liberals, who know they’ll never be censored.


I have no idea what Alex Jones is even up to anymore. I used to see his face all the time, now I routinely forget he exists. That’s how powerful these Silicon Valley megacorporations are; they can completely disappear anyone from public view. This has nothing to do with Jones as a person, it’s about an immense amount of power which must be left unchecked.

If you witnessed someone you hate being snuffed out of existence by a powerful new weapon, you’d be afraid of the wielder of that weapon and worrying about who they’re going to target next. The ability of monopolistic oligarchs to completely silence people with coordinated cross-platform removal can hit anyone else at any time.


Most of our problems would go away if our institutions just did what they claim they do. If the media actually told people the truth about what’s happening and votes actually enacted the will of the electorate, you’d have an educated populace shaping their world based on truth.

The problem is not the official system, the problem is that the official system is a lie. A lie used to propagandize and deceive the public into thinking they’re not being fucked over by unelected oligarchs and opaque government agencies bent on world conquest.


People are hoping for some big new revelation which exposes the oligarchic empire for the corrupt establishment that it is, but really that exposing would have happened a long time ago if MSM reporters simply did their jobs responsibly reporting known facts about what’s going on.


Every once in a while I remember how the world’s wealthiest and most powerful nation doesn’t have an actual healthcare system and how both its political parties are just like haha yup oh well.

The US doesn’t deprive its people of basic social programs because all its money goes into the war machine, it deprives them because if Americans stopped being so poor, stressed and busy it would become much harder to manufacture their consent for the actions of that war machine.

An entire globe-spanning empire depends on the American people not waking up to what’s going on in their government. The imperialists have every incentive in the world to prevent that from happening. US imperialism and economic injustice are linked directly, not indirectly.


The establishment: *rigs presidential elections so it’s always two corporatist warmongers running against each other*

Also the establishment: “You have to vote or it will mean the end of democracy.”


Know what’s way more destructive than a dogshit president? A system which consistently ensures that voters always have to elect a dogshit president.


Biden could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and the mainstream press would attack any journalist who so much as tweeted about it.


Most military issues are a lot more simple and clear-cut than most “experts” claim, because those experts are paid to narrative manage military agendas. Pundits who babble about the “complexities of the Middle East” are just obfuscating the simple fact that we shouldn’t be there.


Mentally replace all China bashing with “US imperial hegemony depends on stopping the rise of China and I’ve been propagandized toward that end by obsequious mass media stenographers.”


Capitalism stans who talk about how much capitalism has done for the world while ignoring the fact that it’s killing the ecosystem are like proponents of a miraculous new cancer treatment which shrinks tumors like nothing else and its only side effect is that it kills the patient.

Capitalism stans are like a guy waxing exuberant about the wondrous things fire has done for human civilization when someone points out the fact that his house is burning to the ground.

Removing profit-seeking as a driving force of human behavior would end the artificial creation of demand for planet-destroying bullshit that people don’t need, and open up the possibility of planet-healing action that capitalism does not and cannot value.


Anarcho-communism is basically just a description of what a healthy society full of psychologically healthy people would look like. It implicitly holds as an article of faith that people can collectively change not just their conditions, but their conditioning as well. I like it.

The most boring people in the world are those who insist humanity cannot transcend its self-destructive patterning and create a healthy world. Sure it’s possible to make that argument, but imagine being so dull that you’d choose to do so and live your life as though you’re right.

Those who claim humanity will keep repeating its same tired old conditioned patterning ad infinitum are just projecting their own dullness onto the collective future of our species.

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