Democrats WANT To Lose The Midterms: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Americans: We’re dying!

Republicans: Good.

Democrats: We hear you and we honor your experience.

The USA is the single worst human rights offender on our planet. The fact that most of its transgressions take place outside its own borders makes it more egregious, not less. So-called human rights watchdog groups which fail to acknowledge this fact are propaganda constructs.

By 2024 the only mainstream US political debate allowed will be about whether America should nuke Russia or China.

“Kindly let me help you or you will drown, said the monkey putting the fish safely up a tree.”
~ Alan Watts

Interventionist foreign policy in a nutshell.

War is insanity. Unjust war is criminal insanity. One of the ugliest things about western imperialism is the way it gives extremely young soldiers whose minds have been warped by a criminally insane war machine the power of life and death over defenseless populations.

One very important thing you can do is keep finding new ways to help people see the horrors of imperialism with fresh eyes. It’s all so aggressively normalized and it’s been going on all our lives, so it’s easy to get used to it and lose sight of how unspeakably horrific it is.

Choosing to continue an immoral course of action is as immoral as initiating it. Presidents who continue the immoral policies of their predecessors are as culpable as the presidents who initiated them.

The Democratic Party is corrupt and murderous beyond the possibility of redemption and anyone who says otherwise is either deceived or deceiving.

I’m seeing US progressive/DSA types getting more and more agitated about the sudden increase in hostility toward the Democrats from the left. What did they think was going to happen when the Dems took control of the entire government? You’re the power now, buttercup.

The problem with warning that the $2000 check scandal will lead to losses in the midterms is that Democrats are fine with losing in the midterms. You think they like having to own all their right wing bullshit for themselves? Democrats hate being exposed and vulnerable like this. They much prefer to blame their corporate cronyism, austerity policies and warmongering on an obstructionist Republican congress. They’re happy to lose the midterms. They prefer to lose the midterms.

The easiest way to look cool is to fight the power. The easiest way to get rich is to serve the power. The easiest way to look cool and get rich is to serve power while appearing to fight it.

Democrats are absolutely correct that it is of paramount importance for the Republicans be held accountable for their atrocious crimes lest those crimes repeat themselves in the future.

Start with the Bush administration.

Immense military and financial commitments are made to Israel on the grounds that it’s “the only democracy in the Middle East”, but also if you try holding it to the same standards as other democracies you’re a Nazi.

And also Israel is not a democracy. Obviously.

If I saw someone criticizing the many, many horrible things the Australian government has done, it would never in a million years occur to me to rush to Australia’s defense. Yet I interact with people hastening to defend the US empire on a daily basis. These people are silly.

World peace and inner peace are not separate endeavors. Go deep enough into one and you’ll eventually find yourself working on the other as well.

If humanity can’t collectively transcend egoic consciousness it won’t matter if the revolution succeeds; even if we create worldwide utopia we’ll only end up destroying it out of boredom. Conflicts with each other and with nature will keep rebirthing until inner conflicts vanish.

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