The US is Getting the Public Accustomed to the “Idea” of War with China

It is becoming increasingly obvious that US propaganda aimed at demonizing China and poisoning the world against serves to set up a long-discussed limited, conventional conflict waged along China’s shores to cripple its economy and prevent it from surpassing the West irreversibly.

Western propaganda is even openly discussing this as if to introduce and accustom the public to talk about starving 1.4 billion people into submission to the West.


Asia Times – Defending Taiwan: Think globally and ‘look up’:…

RAND Corporation – War With China: Thinking Through the Unthinkable (page 14):…

One thought on “The US is Getting the Public Accustomed to the “Idea” of War with China

  • Gunter

    I agree the US is trying to force China and Russia into war.
    If I were a betting man I’d put my $ on the latter 2 .
    The US is pushing both to unite and they’re succeeding (big mistake) then the Bear and Panda will be a bit more of a pill to swallow.
    The EU is not a military factor and are too economically tied to both moreso than one would think..
    The US’s primary allies, the 5Eyes united wouldn’t stand a chance against Russia never mind a Russian Chinese alliance.
    Oops, forgot the power houses Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine.
    Why, propaganda may have worked prior to WW1, WW2, Iraq, the world knows that the US is a warmongering nation that starts wars and other nations pay the price.
    Finally for the international readers, when push comes to shove Nuclear war is a reality and we know that there’s only 1 country thats already used nuclear bombs, and if you were a betting person who would you trust (honestly)


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