Russian Gains, Ukrainian Grain, Kiev Admits Losses

Russian continues to make gains in the Donbas region, including in the contested city of Severodonetsk and toward Slovyansk.

Meanwhile, Ukraine insists on conditions regarding its own grain shipments, and while the Western media continues to blame Russia for “blockading” Odessa port, these same sources also admit Ukrainian naval mines are what’s actually obstructing commercial shipping.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky admits Ukrainian forces are incapable of advancing on Russian positions and possesses inferior equipment as Ukrainian losses continue to mount and as the Western media has greater difficulty hiding these losses.


Guardian – Russia and the west compete to secure safe passage for Ukraine’s grain:…

Financial Times (YouTube) – Volodymyr Zelenskyy: ‘No one is humiliating Ukraine. They are killing us’:

Jackson Hinkle (YouTube) – Ukrainian COMMANDER Defects To Russia, Russia ADVANCES In Donbas:

One thought on “Russian Gains, Ukrainian Grain, Kiev Admits Losses

  • Pascal

    Zellenski sacrifie son peuple pour servir les intérêts américains et surtout également les siens. Cet homme est un criminel, en plus d’être un guignol.
    La Russie gagnera cette guerre et écrasera les Nazis.
    Les armes occidentales ne feront qu’entraîner plus de morts et remplir les catalogues des revendeurs d’armes au marché noir.


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