Inflection EP02: Myanmar’s “Protests” Mutate into Terrorism

Inflection is a weekly show featuring Angelo Giuliano and Brian Berletic, discussing recent headlines and in-depth discussion of topics shaping the shift from West to East and unipolarism to multipolarism.

In this episode we discuss Myanmar’s ongoing political (and now armed) conflict. How predictable this was, how the Western media attempted to cover up the violence, and is now spinning terrorism as “armed civilian self-defense.”

We also cover a few headlines (Belarus/Ryanair and the US withdrawing from another treaty with Russia).


NBC News – U.S. tells Russia it won’t rejoin arms control pact that was ‘undermined by Russian violations’:

LD – Does US Withdrawal from another Nuclear Treaty Really Benefit Russia?:

Grayzone – US-funded Belarusian regime-change activist arrested on plane joined neo-Nazis in Ukraine:

Main Topic:

Myanmar Now – Karenni resistance fighters open new front against junta:

Myanmar Now – Eight explosions and the shooting death of an accused informant reported in Thaketa:

Columbia Journalism Review – Myanmar’s Other Reporters:

US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) – Ko Bo Kyi (AAPP founder):

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