Ex-US Marine explains US Govt’s decades-long regime-subverting plans in Asia

There’s a hidden link among all the seemingly spontaneous violent protests in Thailand, Hong Kong, and Arabic countries — the National Endowment for Democracy, the regime-changing tool funded by the US government.

Using Xinjiang, Hong Kong and many Southeast Asian countries to destabilize the region to encircle China, bringing chaos to people living in the region and benefiting a few elites in the US government, has long been written in US foreign policy.

In this episode, Brian Berletic, a geopolitical analyst and a former solider of US Marine Corps, explains how he decided to expose US global atrocities, the unreported truths in Thailand, Myanmar, and the danger of US interventions.

00:0001:23 Intro
01:2412:47 From an ex-US marine to a geopolitical analyst exposing US global regime-change interventions
12:4815:42 The only voice that exposes US interventions in Southeast Asia
15:4321:07 The same organization is sponsoring violent protests in South East Asia and Arabic countries
21:0822:51 Destabilize South East Asia to encircle China
22:5226:46 The similarities between the protests in Hong Kong and Thailand
26:4732:27 How social networks/Western media are playing double standard
32:2840:11 Relationship between China and Southeast Asian countries
40:1243:39 Why Brian decided to no longer remain anonymous
43:4047:29 Using Xinjiang to destabilize China has long been planned by the US government
47:3049:15 The danger of anti-China propaganda

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