BUSTED: BBC “Saving Uyghur Culture” Story Makes HUGE Mistake

The BBC repeats lies about Xinjiang, China – telling a story of a woman who left her homeland and struggles to keep Uyghur culture alive in the UK. The BBC mentions UNESCO recognition and protection of Uyghur culture – but fails to mention China was the nation who nominated it to be recognized and protected in the first place!


BBC – The Uyghur woman fighting to keep her culture alive – BBC News:

UNESCO – Uyghur Muqam of Xinjiang:

China Heritage Quarterly, Australia National University – A Tale of Two Lists: An Examination of the New Lists of Intangible Cultural Properties:

The State Council, The People’s Republic of China – State Administration of Culture Heritage:

CGTN – Uygur Muqam: Seeking Xinjiang’s musical roots:

China Academy of Art:

AP – Terror & Tourism: Xinjiang eases its grip, but fear remains:

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