Deep Dive: Adrian Zenz & Claims of “Coerced Labor” in Xinjiang China

Adrian Zenz is repeatedly cited as an expert on alleged abuses taking place in China’s western region of Xinjiang.

More recently, he – along with ASPI – have been used as sources to help justify economic sanctions against companies operating in Xinjiang or employing people from Xinjiang.

The Western media has repeated what are otherwise baseless claims to pressure companies to stop doing business with companies in China either operating in Xinjiang or employing workers from the region.

These baseless claims are having a real world impact. To expose these lies, I dissect one of Adrian Zenz’ reports – and one focused on supposed “coercive labor” – exposing how there is literally no evidence at all that coercive labor is taking place in Xinjiang and that Zenz’ own conclusion admits as much.

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