The Importance Of Properly Framing The New Cold War

Properly framing everything is of the highest importance in order to gradually erode the Western elite’s propaganda in a similar spirit as the emerging Multipolar World Order has already gradually eroded the former’s unipolar hegemony, which will thus further accelerate the global systemic transition. It is indeed the case that the New Cold War is the result of the US-led West’s Golden Billion trying to stop the jointly BRICS- and SCO-led Global South from developing their alternative socio-economic and political models.

The Emerging Multipolar World Order

International Relations are in the midst of a global systemic transition from unipolarity to multipolarity, the latter of which manifests itself through the emergence of different economic, military, political, technological, and other centers of influence across the world, not to mention the diversity of socio-cultural systems that predate all of this. Nevertheless, it’s taboo in the West to discuss these trends despite policymakers acknowledging them in documents like the US’ annual intelligence assessment.

The True State Of Affairs In The West

The elite have ideological reasons to suppress these facts from the public, namely the need to maintain the discredited narrative that their models are superior to all others, universal, and must therefore be imposed upon everyone else “for their own good” in a modern-day “civilizing mission”. Drawing attention to this bloc’s gradual decline relative to those abovementioned emerging centers of influence contradicts this notion since it proves that other effective models do indeed exist besides their own.

Awareness of this objectively existing and easily verifiable fact could lead to a crisis in confidence throughout the West since the unsavory aspects of its own models are only tolerated by the population because they’ve been brainwashed into believing that they’re nevertheless superior to all others. Those among them who become aware of this reality are either co-opted by the system upon becoming economic/political elites themselves or are discredited as “conspiracy theorists” and “foreign agents”.

To be sure, these same models do indeed undergo some changes in order to remain somewhat competitive vis a vis their rivals abroad, but they by and large never reduce the systemic inequality that’s built into them by design for the elite’s own interests. This results in continual friction between the people and the elite, which is mostly managed through a combination of gaslighting operations, media distractions, occasional handouts, and typical divide-and-rule plots, et al.

The True State Of Affairs In The Global South

The aforesaid observation represents the true state of affairs in the West, which non-Western societies are keenly aware of precisely because this dystopian model is aggressively being imposed upon them from abroad, hence why they’re in a better position to accurately describe its various aspects. Their countries are exploited for labor, markets, and resources in order to indefinitely sustain the Western elite’s self-interested system, which thus imbues it with both domestic and international inequalities.

Since the living conditions are generally worse in non-Western countries than Western ones due to the former being exploited by the latter’s elite, it was inevitable that those societies across the Global South would be the ones leading the worldwide resistance to this system. That system, it should be said, is the Western-centric model of globalization that eventually came to also incorporate a radical social dimension related to its elite’s hyper-liberal ideology.

Their “civilizing mission” therefore has socio-economic motivations, the first connected to changing foreign societies’ traditional way of life for ideological reasons and the second driven by the desire to indefinitely exploit them. In order to prevent the targeted people from pushing back against these violations of their human rights, “Western Democracy” is imposed onto them since its cyclical leadership changes are easily manipulated through the information warfare that the elite have perfected.

The political dimension of Western-centric globalization is proselytized on the false premise that it supposedly safeguards people’s human rights even though the reality is that it institutionalizes their systematic violation thereof as was just explained. Color Revolutions and Unconventional Warfare (which when applied together can be described as Hybrid War) are the means for forcing targeted states into adopting this socio-economic and political trifecta for sustaining the Western elite’s dominance.

Dividing-And-Ruling Western & Non-Western Societies  

Those societies that have been forced into subjugation or are still resisting that scenario in the face of such pressure like Ethiopia is have understandably come to hate their oppressors. Their justified outrage, however, is maliciously misportrayed by the Western Mainstream Media (MSM) and its “fellow travelers” in academia, the expert community, “NGOs”, pop culture, and the like as so-called “anti-Americanism” or some other form of unabashed bigotry that should always be universally condemned.

It’s through this manipulation of their own people’s perceptions that the Western elite’s systemically unequal models are upheld in the minds of those who they directly rule over and are also the only ones capable of changing everything from within. The Western masses, who admittedly enjoy some degree of indirect benefit from the same system that oppresses them (the latter of which is obviously less than it oppresses Global South societies), are falsely made to think that the non-Western masses hate them.

This crude divide-and-rule tactic that’s implemented through the MSM’s malicious misportrayal of the Global South’s grassroots anti-imperialist movements serves to reinforce the Western elite’s false narrative that the non-Western masses are bigoted, jealous, and victims of propaganda. Their targeted audience among the Western masses is then manipulated into thinking that their society is indeed more civilized, their models more effective, and their own people truly freer.

From there, it’s not too difficult for the Western elite to mislead the masses under the influence of their information warfare operations into supporting “civilizing missions” abroad and tolerating the imperfections of their system that many have come to realize exist despite the many gaslighting campaigns falsely claiming that they’re perfect. These interconnected outcomes advance the elite’s neo-imperialism abroad while sustaining their self-interested system at home.

The Western Elites’ Achilles’ Heel

The Achilles’ heel of this “solution” is that it’s all based on the Western elite manipulating their own people’s perceptions about the Global South. Should these lies be shattered, then the Western masses would realize the reasons why the vast majority of humanity detests the same models that the former have been brainwashed into believing are superior. The resultant lack of support for their elite’s foreign policy and renewed agitation for reform at home would destabilize this unequal system from within.

This explains why the Western elite censor alternative media that contradict their narratives, incessantly wage information warfare against their own people, and continue to misportray the Global South. It should be remembered that one of the most crucial claims underpinning this perception manipulation operation is that the non-Western masses are “bigoted barbarians” despite the truth being that they’re civilized anti-imperialists, which the Western masses must urgently come to realize.

Therein lies the grand strategic importance of properly framing the New Cold War between the Western elite and the non-Western masses who are striving for a Multipolar World Order wherein International Relations are more democratic, equal, and just than they presently are. This noble goal would also be embraced by the Western masses if they were made aware of the truth since they too stand to gain from this seeing as how they’re also oppressed by this same elite that the Global South is against.

Properly Framing The New Cold War

The first step in awakening the Western masses is to counteract their elite’s false narrative that their non-Western peers are “bigoted barbarians”, ergo the need to describe the object of the latter’s justified hatred as accurately as possible. It’s for this reason why it’s best to call them the US-led West’s Golden Billion since this most accurately encapsulates the essence of their being as well as precisely what it is that the non-Western masses are against.

To explain, the Golden Billion refers to the richest billion on the planet who live within Western civilization, which itself is presently led by the US’ elite. The non-Western masses aren’t against their Western counterparts, but against the system of Western-centric globalization created by their elite that’s resulted in the strikingly unequal outcome whereby a minority of people live much better than the majority who their elite ruthlessly exploit in order to indefinitely uphold this neo-imperial system.

By thus framing the New Cold War as being between the US-led West’s Golden Billion and the Global South, the latter of which is led by BRICS and the SCO since those two are building alternative economic-financial systems for reforming Western-centric globalization, everything becomes much clearer. This global competition isn’t between “democracies and dictatorships” like the Western elite falsely claim, but about the Western elite’s efforts to snuff out rival systems and thus retain their hegemony.

The Western Masses’ Expected Reaction To Reality

Upon becoming aware of this, those among the Western masses who believe in the morals, ethics, values, and principles that they’ve been told that their side represents (even though it really doesn’t do so) will sympathize with their non-Western peers and revitalize their own anti-imperialist movements. This prediction is predicated on the presumption that the majority of people in that civilization are genuinely decent folks who wouldn’t support their elite exploiting others if they learned the truth.

This is especially the case due to the racist optics of their majority-White civilization oppressing the world’s majority non-White civilizations, which would be regarded as unacceptable among those Western masses who become aware of this due to newfound anti-racist sentiment at home. The reality of contemporary affairs is that the Western elite are doing the exact same thing to the Global South that they accuse the latter’s Russian, Chinese, Iranian, and other representatives of attempting against them.

It’s not any of those or others who are aggressively trying to impose their country’s models onto Americans in order to ruthlessly exploit them, but the Western elite that are doing this to them and everyone else in all respects. The socio-economic and political models associated with Western-centric globalization contradict the very same morals, ethics, values, and principles that the Western elite manipulate within their own civilization to imbue their people with a false sense of superiority.

The Importance Of Correcting Manipulated Perceptions

This perception manipulation operation persists because the Western masses are deprived of accurate information about the rest of the world, instead relying on their MSM and its “fellow travelers” to misleadingly filter and subsequently spin everything they’re told about the non-West. Despite their own policymakers tacitly acknowledging the existence of alternative socio-economic and political models in documents like their annual intelligence assessments, their people aren’t allowed to discuss them.

The only discourse that’s “politically correct” is that which smears the Global South as bigoted, jealous, and victims of propaganda in order to falsely justify the Western elite’s “civilizing mission” since anything else is verboten, especially if it draws attention to grassroots anti-imperialist movements. The absolute last thing that the Western elite want is for their people to become aware of the reality behind the New Cold War since the resultant reaction among the masses will discredit and destabilize their side.

It’s for this reason why properly framing everything is of the highest importance in order to gradually erode the Western elite’s propaganda in a similar spirit as the emerging Multipolar World Order has already gradually eroded the former’s unipolar hegemony, which will thus accelerate events. It is indeed the case that the New Cold War is the result of the US-led West’s Golden Billion trying to stop the jointly BRICS- and SCO-led Global South from developing their alternative socio-economic and political models.

The Golden Billion vs. The Global South

Describing the antagonist as the US-led West’s Golden Billion draws that the attention of that civilization’s masses to several “politically incorrect” facts. First, the system that they benefit from (despite also being oppressed by it) is responsible for global inequality. Second, this system originates in their own Western civilization. And finally, the US – which has been captured by an ideologically radical and self-interested elite – controls this bloc of countries.

The Western masses aren’t allowed to be made aware of this sequence of facts or discuss it. Realizing that they’re part of the Golden Billion that generally enjoys better living standards than the majority of the world due to their system’s inherent inequality vis a vis the Global South would wrack them with guilt. Furthermore, learning that this worldwide evil originates in their civilization discredits its false pretense of superiority. And finally, being dominated by the US contradicts their claims of freedom.

There are also benefits connected to raising awareness of the jointly BRICS- and SCO-led Global South concepts as well. First, this reinforces the reality that the protagonists represent the majority of the global population, which lives comparatively poorer than the West due to the Golden Billion’s exploitative and neo-imperial models. Second, two alternative organizations have emerged for reforming International Relations. And finally, Westerners might be inspired to learn more about them.

All of this further erodes the Western elite’s propaganda that upholds their neo-imperial system at home and thus prevents its destabilization from within the core of their global system. Awareness of the New Cold War being between the US-led West’s Golden Billion and the jointly BRICS- and SCO-led Global South could therefore lead to the Western masses experiencing a crisis of confidence in their side since everything they’ve been brainwashed into believing is exposed as a lie through this accurate framing.

The Real Reason Why The Western Elite Hate President Putin

The worst fear that the Western elite have is that the masses under the influence of their information warfare operations will learn about President Putin’s Global Revolutionary Manifesto, the summary of which can be read in the preceding hyperlinks and the related speeches read herehere, and here. Upon doing so, the Western masses will learn that the Global South of which Russia is a part is striving for true democracy in International Relations against their own elite’s desire to protect their dictatorial system.

That’s the dark truth of the New Cold War, namely that the Western masses have been brainwashed by their elite into thinking that the system that the latter aggressively imposes upon the rest of the world is democratic in all respects even though it’s actually dictatorial. Its social aspects destroy traditional cultures, the economic ones enslave their targeted people, and the political aspects falsely make these same slaves think that they’re free.

By contrast, the alternative models that are being developed by the jointly BRICS- and SCO-led Global South respect traditional cultures, economically liberate their people, and enable them to freely manage their affairs however their society deems fit. Moreover, the vast majority of humanity resides in the Global South, which thus means that their side in the New Cold War is therefore democratic by default since it represents much more of the world’s population than the Golden Billion does.

Pushing Back Against Western Propaganda

It’s anti-democratic to the core for a minority of humanity to aggressively impose its socio-economic and political models onto others against their will, yet that’s exactly what’s been going on since the end of the Old Cold War once the unipolar moment arrived. The global systemic transition that International Relations are presently in the midst of is aimed at reforming that state of affairs so that everything becomes more democratic, equal, and just for the majority of humanity than it currently is.

All of this is obvious to everyone apart from the majority of those in the Golden Billion and their “fellow travelers” (agents of influence) embedded within the Global South, among whom it remains largely unknown and is still taboo to publicly discuss even for those who are aware of it. That’s why it’s so important for folks to popularize the proper framing of the New Cold War as being between the US-led West’s Golden Billion and the jointly BRICS- and SCO-led Global South.

Doing so will overwhelm the Golden Billion’s censors by ensuring that the Western masses become aware of these concepts that’ll inevitably revolutionize their understanding of everything. The Western elite can then only unconvincingly claim that those same concepts, especially the Golden Billion itself, are just so-called “conspiracy theories”. The recent Western trend of rising skepticism in general and against the elite in particular will reinforce the masses’ convictions that this explanation is false, though.

Forbidden Knowledge Could Be A Game Changer

Sensing that they’ve been made aware of “forbidden knowledge”, they’ll enthusiastically learn more about those concepts connected to the proper framing of the New Cold War popularized by activists, thus setting into motion a sequence of events that’ll discredit and destabilize the Golden Billion. Revitalizing anti-imperialist revolutionary movements within the West itself would pose the greatest threat to that civilization’s ideologically radical, self-interested, and ultimately despotic elite.

That outcome could be a game changer in the New Cold War by potentially ending this worldwide struggle before it uncontrollably escalates into a major conflict by miscalculation. All that needs to happen is for the Western elite to finally respect the Global South’s UN-enshrined sovereign right to manage their affairs however they deem fit. For as simple of a solution as that is, the Golden Billion continues to oppose it since that outcome would doom the neo-imperial system from which they profit.

Concluding Thoughts

Absent an anti-imperialist revolution in the West that topples those elite who’ve brought humanity to the brink of Armageddon, the New Cold War will continue being fought through proxy wars like the Ukrainian Conflict and forthcoming similar such ones like those that are expected to erupt all across Africa. Even in that scenario, however, it’s still optimal that the Western masses realize the reality of this worldwide struggle so they’re at least aware of what their elite are doing abroad in their name.

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