John Pilger-What Governments Aren’t Telling You About the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19)

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to legendary journalist and film-maker John Pilger about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. He discusses the fact that the Conservative government was warned about shortages leaving the NHS vulnerable in pandemics 4 years ago, the damage privatisation has done to the National Health Service, budget cuts which have seen bed capacities fall to record lows, his criticisms of the Boris Johnson administration’s response to Coronavirus, the lack of mass-testing in the U.K. which has been seen in other countries such as Germany, South Korea and China, the government blaming China for the Coronavirus crisis, the threat to Julian Assange’s life as he is denied release from prison as Coronavirus claims its first victim in Belmarsh Prison and more!

2 thoughts on “John Pilger-What Governments Aren’t Telling You About the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19)

  • David Wraxall

    I read about this exercise some time ago. John Pilger is so on. A brilliant piece from him, as always, well researched, honest and true.

  • Effington

    Blah blah blah. Pilger assumes that the government is sincere about the corona virus being super deadly. It’s not. It’s on track to be about the 2017 flu season. And don’t try to tell me about isolation saving the day. It did not. It’s all about covering for the bailout robberies and the new global digital dictatorship


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