Ukraine-Russia War Fever & Censorship: No Criticism of NATO Allowed

The war fever is in high gear as U.S and European politicians, corporate-controlled media, and all of “civil society” are trumpeting NATO as the answer to Russia’s war on Ukraine – and shutting down any criticism of Western policy as “whataboutism” or “Russian propaganda”.

Hear from a range of anti-war activists and journalists who are standing up to this pressure on The Freedom Side LIVE:

Kevin Gosztola, managing editor of, curator of newsletter & co-host of the podcast Unauthorized Disclosure

Robin Talbot, chair of Young Communist League of Britain

Walter Smolarek, national organizer, ANSWER Coalition

Kym Smith, anti-racism & anti-war organizer with the Party for Socialism & Liberation

Austin Gonzalez, member of National Political Committee of DSA

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