Labor Power Stands Up: Strike Action Sweeping the US

Striketober is happening right now, with workers at John Deere tractors, Warrior Met Coal, Mercy Hospital, Hollywood film studios, Kellogg’s cereal, and more all on strike!

Join The Freedom Side LIVE to hear about what this means and how these movements can stand together, from Yasemin Zahra, chairwoman of Labor Against Racism and War.

Hear from Vice President of BCTGM Local 252G Kevin Bradshaw, a striking 20-year Kellogg’s Case Sealer Operator in Memphis, and from two IATSE Local 871 members, Vice President & Art Department Coordinator Marisa Shipley and Assistant Production Coordinator Rhianna Shaheen, preparing for a strike on Monday if the studios don’t give workers what they need.

To add historical context to this wave of workers exercising their power as the group that keeps things running, The Freedom Side features Dr. Francis Ryan, labor historian & assistant teaching professor in the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations.

PLUS: Steven Donziger on Chevron’s pillaging and destroying of Ecuadorian lands, the historic $9.5 billion case his team won against them & the rot within the criminal injustice system that has HIM confined to house arrest rather than Chevron executives

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