How Russia’s War In Ukraine Is Playing Out Inside Russia, w/ Prof. Boris Kagarlitsky

After weeks of sky-high tension, ambiguity and threats, the Russian military crossed into Ukraine and the country’s eight year civil war became a war between two post-soviet armies.

While the extent of Putin’s goals in the war are unclear, Western countries have been supplying the Ukrainian military with weapons, launched a brutal economic war on Russia, and will support a NATO-backed insurgency against the Russian military. Once war starts, forces are unleashed which can’t easily be contained, dynamics emerge which were unpredicted and the more outside players intervene the longer and bloodier the battles will be.

Why did Russia invade Ukraine? How is it impacting Russia domestically? And what comes next? To understand how we got here and what to expect, Rania Khalek spoke to Boris Kagarlitsky, a Marxist professor at the Moscow Higher School for Social and Economic Sciences, and the editor of YouTube channel and web journal Rabkor, which you can follow here:…

1:42 Why did Russia invade Ukraine?
14:22 A miscalculation?
23:38 No excuse for dangerous policies of the West
25:27 Do Russians support the invasion of Ukraine?
27:46 How sanctions are already damaging Russia’s economy
34:20 Could this boost the Russian left?
38:13 When did this crisis really start? 2014? 2008? 1990?
49:50 How does decision making work in Russia?
56:12 Dangerous impacts outside of Ukraine

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