Phil Giraldi (fmr. CIA) : Support for Ukraine is Collapsing

Imagine a world where the underbelly of politics, fraught with secrets, alliances, and betrayals, comes to light. Welcome to our deep dive into the riveting political chessboard surrounding Ukraine, with insights from our guest, the astute Phil Giraldi. We unravel the murky motivations behind a CIA leak involving a jailed Ukrainian colonel and scrutinize its ripple effects on Ukraine’s dwindling support. As we traverse the global political terrain, we’ll also probe the sudden shift in narrative from Ukraine’s conflict to Middle-East tensions, steered by a U.S. ally.

Pack your political compass as we journey into the tumultuous rule of President Zelensky in Ukraine. Marvel at Giraldi’s sharp analysis of Zelensky’s failed U.S. visit, the intelligence community’s cynical assessment of his government’s stability, and the chilling assassination of his chief of staff.

We wade into the dark waters of canceled 2024 elections, Zelensky’s desperate attempts to woo Washington, and the chilling possibility of CIA involvement in a potential assassination plot. This episode promises a thought-provoking discourse on the labyrinthine politics of Ukraine. Polish off your Cold War knowledge and join us for a rollercoaster ride through the twilight zone of geopolitics.

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